Does Google Me Exist?

Google Me is back in the news yet again. Mashable says that sources tell them that the purported social media site or functionality that is rumored to take on Facebook tell them the product will be pushed back to spring 2011 because of design delays, execution and, most importantly, the point of the whole function.

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Google to Buy Groupon for $6 Billion?

My what a difference a day makes. Yesterday, the word on the street was that Google was getting close to buying local deals site Groupon for an estimated $3 billion. Today, that estimate has doubled to $6 billion.

All Things D reports that unnamed sources are saying a deal could even close this week. The detailed terms of the …

Google Earth Now Features Street View, 3D Trees

The latest version of Google’s free mapping software, Google Earth 6, is now available for download.

The program integrates Google Maps’ “Street View” function, allowing you to take a detailed first-person, 360-degree look at any street in the world that’s been panoramically photographed by one of the company’s Street View …

Google Looking To Buy Groupon?

It seems that Google is trying to take another acquisition: Groupon. All Things Digital has sources saying Google is in talks to buy the social buying website. Yahoo has attempted to do the same in the past, and Google is offering more than the reported $2-3 billion the other company offered last year.

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Google Docs Now Easily Editable on iPhone, iPad and Android

If you’ve ever tried to edit a Google Docs file from your phone, you may have said, “This is hard!” or “This, I do not like!” or “Do I like this? Not really!” In the past, you’d have to roll the dice by pulling up the full desktop version of a document and hope your phone had a nimble enough signal to handle all the Javascript magic …

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