Is Google About To Change Search With Live Updates?

In an interview with the Telegraph in December of 2009, Marissa Mayer hinted at upcoming changes for search in 2010 and beyond. Part of her vision for the future of Google was centered on language.

“Imagine what it would be like if there was a tool built into the search engine which translated my search query into every language

6-Minute Preview of Google TV

Any doubts you may have about Google TV could be wiped away after watching this 6-minute demo of the upcoming service. It jumps between live TV, the DVR and the Internet without a hitch. Most notable, though, is the Google Queue, which by all accounts is a unified menu for any recording you may have – audio and video. Check it …

Google Tweaks Gmail Design, Improves Contacts Interface

In case you hadn’t noticed, your Gmail looks a little different today. Google has tidied up the overall interface and added prominent Mail, Contacts, and Tasks links in the upper left corner along with a big "Compose mail" or "New contact" button depending upon which feature you’re using.

And speaking of contacts, Google has overhauled

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