Techland Roundup: The Daily Dose

Friday, Jan. 22, 2010

Today in Techland: Lev struck Twitter gold with a pretty-darn-geeky Tweet meme, Steve liked didn’t really mind saw Legion, and both Peter and Lev got schooled by an 11 year-old while playing Halo 3.

Here’s what else going on in nerd news around the Web:

For Anyone Who Ever Attended Middle School. The trailer …

The Techland Show: Stripper Pole Edition

Been wondering who on Caprica this Allie Townsend is? She’s our wonderful little intern and we forced her into this week’s Techland Show. It was awkward. For her.

Watch as we discuss Google’s exit strategy out of China, unbox a special care package from EA, discuss whether or not the Spider-Man franchise is dead and gawk over …

18 Android Apps To Get You Started

The Android Market pales in comparison to Apple’s App Store based on number of apps, but that doesn’t mean the quality of apps available to Android users aren’t up to snuff. We’ve listed 12 18 apps that cover a wide range of interests and genres but is not indicative of the Android Market as a whole. Think of this as a starting …

Gmail Defaults To https

There’s surely some connection between Google flipping the switch on https access for everyone using Gmail as a default and the China debacle but they likely won’t admit it. Not that they need to but it became quite clear that Gmail accounts had been accessed via third parties yesterday when it was announced that Google might be …

Google Uncovers Cyber Attack, Threatens To Exit China [Update]

It takes big cajones to stand up to China these days and Google just whipped em out after a thwarted cyber attack. According to Google, the attack was a “sophisticated and targeted attack” on the companies corporate infrastructure, which resulted in stolen IP. *gasp*

Turns out the attack was not only aimed at Google, though. Some ~20 …

A Virtual Storage Locker For Google Docs

Today via its Docs Blog, Google announced plans to offer additional file storage space through Google Docs.

Instead of storing files (media, pdfs, photos, etc) in your email account, Google Docs users will be able to upload these files directly into their Docs account. (Hello, computer backup!) Says Google:

“Instead of emailing …

Nexus One Review: The Hardware Isn’t The Problem, Android Is

It’s never an easy task to review a device that you’ve had for less than two or three or even four weeks. The rush of trying to be beat other outlets constantly hangs over your shoulder. Do you rush to get a review out and subject yourself to the criticism that comes with having left off the most critical or asinine factoid possible? …

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