Cruel Story, Bro: ‘Gears of War 3’ Review

Gears of War 3 represents the kind of game that’s become deeply embattled as bite-sized smartphone gaming and freemium models shift the economics and expectations around the video game medium. It’s big and loud and costly to make. It runs on only one game platform and appeals mostly to a meat-and-potatoes fanbase that doesn’t appear to …

Microsoft: Windows 8 Tops 500,000 Downloads, but Tablets Won’t Run PC Apps

Half a million copies of Windows 8—and probably more than that by now—are officially in the wild, says Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Microsoft released a preview version of its upcoming tablet-angled Windows-rethink on Tuesday, and it looks like 500,000 copies leapt across the digi-sphere in less than 24 hours.

Windows 8 looks …

Google Snatches Over 1,000 IBM Patents

Watch out, IBM, it looks like Google’s just snapped up 1,000 patents belonging to you, which almost sounds dramatic, except for the part where IBM let them.

Make that 1,023 patents in all, which Bloomberg reports were acquired from IBM on August 17. The move is thought to be part of Google’s recent strategy to stockpile patents …

Windows 8 Nitpicks and Worries

I’ve been optimistic about Windows 8 ever since Microsoft revealed a glimpse of the operating system in June, and that hasn’t changed now that I’ve played around with the developer build on a prototype tablet.

But not everything’s peachy with Windows 8. With the caveat that the software I’ve seen is an early build that’s subject to …

Windows 8: What You Need to Know

On Tuesday, Microsoft showed off the first tablets running Windows 8, and provided a bunch of new details about the operating system. I’ve already ogled the hardware, so now let’s look at the big takeaways from the Windows 8 software, at least from what Microsoft has disclosed so far. Here’s what you need to know:

Metro is the New

In Pictures: The First Windows 8 Tablet

Microsoft is getting serious about tablets with Windows 8, and we’ve got hard proof. Pictured above, and in the slides that follow, is the first tablet running Windows 8, built by Samsung. It’s just a prototype, and may never hit store shelves in its current form (a version of this hardware will launch as a Windows 7 tablet), but it …

AT&T Announces Three New Windows Phones for the Fall

AT&T will be one of the first carriers out of the gate with phones running the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system—Windows Phone 7.5, also known by the codename “Mango”.

The nation’s second-largest wireless carrier announced that the Samsung Focus S, the HTC Titan, and the Samsung Focus Flash will all be available …

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