Rumor: Microsoft to Announce Xbox 360 Successor at E3 2012

It looks like we may get a peek at Microsoft’s Xbox 360 follow-up when E3 2012 rolls around next June. That would put the Xbox “720” (or whatever—let’s just hope not “You,” We,” or “Us”) squarely in competition with Nintendo’s Wii U rollout, if rumors about Nintendo’s spring-summer launch timeframe for it’s own next-gen console prove …

‘Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary’ Celebrates Master Chief’s Birthday

Ten years ago, Halo proved gamers who thought first-person shooters would never excel on consoles wrong.

Bungie’s landmark sci-fi title brought the speed and accuracy needed for a fun FPS experience to the first Xbox and introduced players to a sweeping cosmic mythos that’s gone on to inspire books, comics and animation. Last year’s

E3 2011: Microsoft Showcases ‘Halo 4,’ Hardcore Kinect-ions

The one message that Microsoft drove home during their E3 2011 press conference is that they’re going to give everyone–from hardcore gamers to avid TV watchers to casual players–reason to turn on their hyper-successful motion-sensing peripheral.

Xbox exec Marc Whitten claimed that the goal is to “get the technology out of your …

E3 2011: Xbox 360 Gets Live TV in ‘New’ New Xbox Experience

What’s the one thing you wish Xbox Live had in the U.S., that it doesn’t today? Yep, I said live TV, too. I haven’t actually had live TV (or frankly any sort of cable TV package) for years. When I watch TV at all, it’s to plumb Netflix’s super-giganto library, or to pop in a couple seasons of something long-since-aired on DVD. But I …

Top 10 Features in Windows Phone’s ‘Mango’ Update

A big update to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is coming this autumn, filling in many of the missing pieces that made Microsoft an also-ran in the smartphone wars. But the so-called “Mango” update is more than just a game of catch-up; it also brings a bunch of features that other phones don’t have, or can only add through third-party …

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