Grab Windows 8 Before World Ends in 2012

No, you can’t put money down on a copy yet, but it looks like Windows 8’s a-comin’ sometime next year. So sayeth Microsoft doyen Steve Ballmer in remarks yesterday.

“As we progress through the year, you ought to expect to hear a lot about Windows 8,” said Ballmer, addressing developers in Tokyo. “Windows 8 slates, tablets, PCs, a …

Facebook Fighting Child Pornography with Microsoft’s Help

When photos spread across the web, they’re often distorted and altered ever so slightly—think it a game of “telephone”—making it difficult for detection software to do its job. And as is the case, the propagation of photo sharing across the web has had an unfortunate side effect that’s quickly becoming an epidemic: a corollary rise …

Verizon Gets a Windows Phone; Huge Handset to Follow?

Windows Phone 7 is finally getting some love from the United States’ largest wireless carrier.

HTC’s Trophy, a new Windows Phone, lands on Verizon Wireless on May 26, for $150 with a two-year agreement. If you buy a Trophy before July 15, Microsoft and Verizon will sweeten the deal with your choice of Halo: Reach, Kinect Sports or …

Nokia to Sell Phone Business to Microsoft? Doubtful

The Internet rumor mill is buzzing and has churned out a slightly farfetched idea: Nokia may be selling its phone business to Microsoft.

This is total speculation, of course, but Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin, who scooped word of the deal first, has proven to have some foresight when it comes to Nokia. Last December when nobody …

AOL’s Secret Video Chat Service Now Public

Just two days after Microsoft officially announced it would purchase Skype, AOL went public with its new, free video chat service. It’s funny (and perhaps not so coincidental) how things happen, right?

TechCrunch leaked the service last week, which was sent only to employees of AOL, but now its beta round is open to all.

AOL’s …

Could Microsoft Turn Our Bodies into Antennas?

You know all that slightly eerie but kinda cool stuff you learned in grade school about the body’s latent electromagnetic energy field? Turns out your house generates something similar (no surprise) courtesy everything with an electrical pulse contained both within, from gizmos and gadgetry to the wiring in the walls.

Forget …

A Brief History of Skype

Microsoft just bought Skype for $8.5 billion. Not to get too personal, but that’s many, many billions more than I make in a year. But unlike buying a human writing machine like yours truly at an affordable price, Microsoft is paying $8.5 billion for something called Skype. Here’s what it’s getting.

Remember Kazaa?

Kazaa, in case …

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