25 Years Of Windows: The Best & Worst Of Microsoft’s OS

On Nov. 20, 1985, Microsoft released the first version of its flagship computer platform, Windows 1.0, beginning the reign of the world’s most prevalent – and most exasperating – operating system. Today, Windows still dominates the computing platform market, with 92.5% of all computers running a Windows OS. But, as even the most …

Facebook & Microsoft Office Team Up For E-Mail Attachments

With Facebook’s new messaging service announcement, comes news of a new relationship. It looks like Mark Zuckerberg has ‘friended’ Microsoft.

As the Facebook ‘non-email’ rolls out over the next few months, Microsoft’s Office Web Apps will enable users to access Word, Excel and PowerPoint docs inside the Facebook browser …

Kinect as Seen With a Night Vision Camera

So what does Microsoft’s new Kinect motion-control camera really do as it’s capturing your movements? One enterprising individual turned to the magic of night vision optics to find out.

The result looks like an eerie blanket of stars from far away, and a mono-colored Lite Brite board up close. Trippy, no?

[via BuzzFeed]


50 Windows Phone 7 Apps to Get You Started

If history has taught us anything, a phone’s only as good as the apps it can run. In that spirit, here are 50 good Windows Phone 7 apps (many of them free) for your consideration as you load up your new handset.

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