Microsoft Kinect Launching 11/10 In Europe, Africa and Middle East

Hot on the tails of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 and PC announcements from Gamescom comes news from the Xbox 360 team – Kinect will launch November 10 in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Those of us in the United States of America will get it a week earlier on November 4. That’s great and all but we’re not getting Windows …

Age of Empires, Microsoft Flight Coming to PC

Microsoft’s Gamescom announcements aren’t just limited to Windows Phone 7. Oh no. The PC crowd will be getting Age of Empires Online and Microsoft Flight, along with Fable III, which was previously announced.

Robot Entertainment continues their run on Age of Empires with Online and will feature:

• A persistent online capital …

Microsoft Announces First Batch of Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live Titles

At this year’s Gamescom, Microsoft announced the first wave of what they promise is only a small portion of games that will be available for download when Windows Phone 7 devices launch this holiday. Earlier today in Manhattan, we got a chance to sit down with Kevin Unangst, Sr. Director of PC and mobile gaming at the Redmond …

What is the Microsoft Hardware Team Teasing on Twitter?

The team at Microsoft who’s in charge of mice, keyboards and other peripherals has turned to Twitter to tease out an upcoming product.

We caught a glimpse of said new product on July 27 with a spliced image revealing the corner of a matte black finish peripheral. Yesterday they offered the following hint: “Don’t be so …

How Microsoft Can Gain Ground with Both Tablets and Phones

At Microsoft’s Financial Analysts Meeting yesterday, CEO Steve Ballmer took the stage to talk about the company’s consumer initiatives. The entire video of the presentation is available here. He spent a portion of the time talking about slates and tablets, saying the following:

“One of the top issues on my mind is, ‘Hey there’s a

ASUS Tablet Drops Windows Embedded for Android

Back in early June, we got a glimpse of some of the iPad competitors that’ll be hitting shelves later this year. One of the main contenders is Asus, with the company showing off 10- and 12-inch versions of its impending EeePad line due in early 2011.

The company’s 12-inch tablet will reportedly run a full blown version of Windows 7

Microsoft Kinect Bundles Priced, New Arcade Model Coming in August

After weeks of rumors, Microsoft has officially announced pricing for Kinect, Kinect bundles, Kinect titles, and availability. Oh, and there’s a new Arcade model on the way, as well.

A stand-alone Kinect sensor will retail for $149.99 when it launches November 4 and will include a copy of Kinect Adventures. A revamped 4GB Arcade …

Reboot: Windows Phone 7 Preview

What would it take to make Microsoft relevant in a world filled with iOS 4, Android and webOS? Consider, for a moment, that the aforementioned platforms are the Blue Screen of Death for Microsoft. The last generation Windows Mobile platform was old, busted and rusted. And like any overpaid IT guy will ask you, “Have you tried …

Amazon Germany Listing Indicates New Xbox 360 S Arcade on the Way?

Before the Xbox 360 Slim magically appeared during E3, the 360 had a version with a hard drive (which once bore the Pro suffix) and one without (formerly known as the Arcade), which sold for $249 and $199 respectively. Since the 250 GB Slim launched, folks have been waiting for the other shoe to drop with regard to a possible Arcade …

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