App of the Week: PlayOn Mobile for Android

Ah, streaming media. Your promise is so elusive. The technology is here and robust enough to shoulder the burden, but the content companies have insisted that you be viewable first and foremost on big boy computers, with set-top boxes and mobile devices granted access on a case by case basis.

If this sounds like a conversation you’ve …

Amazon’s Netflix-Style Video Service Free for ‘Prime’ Members

If you do a lot of shopping on, you’ve no doubt come across the site’s $79 per year “Prime” membership option.

The basic idea is that for $79, you get free two-day shipping on just about everything sold directly by Amazon—not its third-party sellers, mind you—or $4-per-item overnight shipping.

The company has now …

Hulu Takes Over Streaming Criterion Collection from Netflix

In a major play to unseat the powerhouse Netflix from the legal streaming movie market, Hulu has gained the rights to stream the Criterion Collection films.

Criterion Collection announced on Tuesday that they will cease to be a partner with Netflix’s instant streaming feature, instead starting a partnership with their competitor Hulu …

YouTube’s Future Improves With Cloudy Outlook

If you’ve noticed recently that YouTube videos seem to be uploading faster, and without as much buffer-stutter, then perhaps you should be thanking the Hydra. That’s the name of an internal project within YouTube to speed up video loading times, and in the process, lower both user frustration and operating costs. The key? Google …

Nielsen Analyzes Netflix’s Online Video Dominance

After seven months of retooling following reporting glitches, Nielsen has released online video metrics that show just how big Netflix has become online, with the site not only becoming the only paid product to appear on the top 10 of both total video streams and unique viewers, but also winning users in terms of time spent on the …

Amazon to Take on Netflix with Unlimited Video Streaming?

This seems a little too good to be true but rumor has it that Amazon may be getting into the unlimited video streaming game a la Netflix.

That in and of itself isn’t all that unbelievable, but there seems to be some indication that the unlimited streaming deal may be tied into Amazon’s expedited shipping program, called Amazon Prime …

Netflix Tries to Go Social (Again)

After a failed attempt at social networking in September, Netflix announced yesterday in a quarterly earnings report that it will once again try going social.

The report stated that the company is working on an “extensive Facebook integration.” While Netflix won’t say exactly what that means, we’re guessing it will allow users to do …

Netflix Eyeing Warner Bros., HBO As Content Partners

For Netflix instant streaming customers, good news: Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos said that the company will make a big push to try and buy HBO’s pay TV output deal with Warner Bros. before it expires in 2014. It’s not that they’re against the premium cable channel: He added that the company also has plans to try and woo …

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