Streaming Is Worth Its Weight In Postage To Netflix

To everyone worried that Netflix is spending too much money on bandwidth for Netflix Instant, calm down: Turns out that they spend 20 times more on postage for their DVDs.

It costs the company $1 to mail each DVD, compared with 5 cents per streamed movie (on average), but that price difference is one of the few reasons that studios …

Netflix Decision To Switch Off Streaming DVD Queue Turns Off Customers

Bored of Netflix constantly asking if you want to add things to your DVD queue instead of just knowing that, as a citizen of the 21st Century, you want to stream it instantly? Well, bore no more: Netflix is removing the “Add to DVD Queue” option from streaming devices.

According to director of product management Jamie Odell, the …

CES: 3D TV Overshadowed By Connected TV This Year

Ask anyone who covered last year’s Consumer Electronics Show what its overarching theme was and most will tell you that 3D TV stole the spotlight.

A year later, and consumers have been slow to adopt 3D TV. There was plenty of 3D technology on display at this year’s show, ranging from TVs to computers to handheld devices, but most

Networks Plan To Freeze Out VoD Streaming

The television industry may have finally worked out a way to get around concerns about viewers “cord-cutting” and dropping their cable boxes in favor of Video on Demand: Stop releasing their show to VoD companies.

Turner Broadcasting CEO Phil Kent, talking at the Citigroup Global Entertainment, Media & Telecommunications Conference …

ESPN: People Aren’t Ditching Cable For Streaming TV

Though some are concerned that Netflix, online streaming, Google TV and other similar services might become the death knell for cable television, a new study conducted by ESPN says that not that many people are getting rid of their paid channels. A survey conducted from the same pool of people who Nielsen uses for their television show …

Will Influx of Netflix Instant Streaming Break The Internet?

The addition of Netflix’s streaming only plan has had many people excited. With a good portion of their movie and TV catalogue online, paying $7.99 for immediate unlimited legal, crystal clear video is barely nothing compared to cable plans and buying a television. The anticipated increase of Netflix online subscribers has some people …

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