Netflix Was Right, and We’re Being Fickle

No doubt many see this Netflix debacle, in which the company admits it just lost 800,000 subscribers in its fiscal third quarter, as vindication. They balked when the company hiked its price a few bucks a month, and they absolutely howled when Netflix tried to separate DVD rentals and online streaming into two discrete services. The …

Netflix Loses 800,000 Subscribers After Price Hike, Qwikster Debacle

The last quarter has not been good to Netflix. The company reported a loss of 800,000 subscribers, mostly due to the PR nightmare that came after it raised its prices for its combined streaming and DVD plan by 60%. Netflix ended the quarter with 23.8 million U.S. subscribers, compared to 24.6 million three months ago.

It’s not all bad …

Skype Founder Unveils Netflix Competitor

Watch out, Netflix: There’s a new player in the online video space, with the kind of past history that should probably make you a little nervous. Introducing VDIO, the new streaming video-on-demand service from the people who brought you Skype. And Napster. And Apache. You’ll find some Microsoft veterans in there, too.


Why Hulu’s Not for Sale Anymore

To everyone who entered a bid to try and buy Hulu: Apparently, you didn’t offer enough. According to a statement released yesterday by Hulu joint owners the Walt Disney Corporation, News Corporation and Providence Equity Partners (as well as senior Hulu management), the owners have “terminated the sale process” for the company, due to …

The CW Signs Potential Billion-Dollar Netflix Streaming Deal

If you’ve recently realized that your guilty television pleasures run to shows such as Supernatural, Nikita and The Vampire Diaries, then congratulations: You’re a fan of the CW network. And thanks to a new deal announced yesterday, it’s going to be easier than ever to catch up with your favorite shows starting later this month, when …

Netflix Backpedals, Nixes ‘Qwikster’ for DVDs

Qwikster’s dead before Netflix could even give it a chance to live.

In response to customer complaints, Netflix announced that it will not spin off mail-order DVD rentals into a separate company called Qwikster, as announced in September. Netflix’s website will continue to handle streaming videos and DVD rentals.

“This means no change:

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