Nintendo Wii Price Drop: Grab One For $170

It’s not much of a break for tightly held purses and wallets, but select retailers just lopped $30 off the Nintendo Wii’s $200 price tag, bringing the world’s bestselling current-gen game console down to a not-quite-bargain $170.

Note this isn’t an official Nintendo cut (well, yet) so it’s not clear what got the herd moving. Rumor has …

This Pokémon-Inspired Device May Help You Lose Weight

If you’re looking to shed a few unflattering pounds before beach season officially starts, or simply looking to get your child to be more active, this Pokémon-inspired pedometer could be a safe bet.

A new study conducted by Iowa State University tested the accuracy of several pedometers — including a standard DigiWalker and a

Nintendo 3DS Soars, Sells 400,000 in First Week

Nintendo’s 3DS portable flew off the shelves in late March, moving just shy of 400,000 units during its first week of U.S. sales, reports Nintendo. Couple with Nintendo’s other handhelds, and the company says it saw its best March ever (that’s “in U.S. history” ever) for portable hardware sales.

Factor in dueling DS games …

It’s the World’s Biggest Game of Pac-Man

It’s Friday, Friday… If you’ve got some major time to kill, there’s always the world’s biggest game of Pac-Man, and its all online.

The whole game consists of more than one maze: it consists of several mazes, all interconnected with each other. And then you can zoom out, to see some more mazes. Again, and again. It doesn’t …

Nintendo Rumored to be Cutting Price on Wii, New Games on the Way

Look, there’s no denying that the Wii’s been a juggernaut in the home video game market, dominating market share almost as soon it came out. But Nintendo launched the motion-control console more than four years ago, and it’s safe to assume that priving for the console will change as the device gets longer in the tooth.

So it comes as …

Gotta Catch ‘Em Live: ‘Pokémon Global Link’ Debuts Tomorrow

Someday I swear I’ll get around to playing one of these games, but in the meantime, those of you racing to keep up with Team Plasma while kicking around “Unova region” (think bizarro-Manhattan) with Tepigs and Oshawotts on your Nintendo DSs can finally take your game global, starting tomorrow.

That’s when Pokémon (the actually …

Nintendo Stock Price Struggling to Recover from Big Drop After Launch of 3DS

Even Mario’s vaunted jumping abilities may not be enough to help with Nintendo’s surprising stock market woes. Two weeks after the launch of their new 3DS system, Nintendo’s stock price dropped steeply on Friday to a one-year low of $30.10 per share. The previous low was $31.20 last September. As of this morning, the price was hovering …

Shots Fired: Sony CEO Calls the Nintendo 3DS a ‘Babysitting Tool’

Sony CEO Jack Tretton just bared his claws in a catty new interview with Fortune magazine. In the interview, Tretton had some particularly harsh words for Nintendo’s new ‘3d-without-glasses’ 3DS, calling it of all things a “babysitting tool.”

Here’s the quote:

Our view of the ‘Game Boy experience’ is that it’s a great babysitting

Nintendo 3DS Breaks Sales Record, Wii 2 Won’t Do 3D?

You really, really love the Nintendo 3DS, apparently enough to make it Nintendo’s fastest selling handheld ever. Not the fastest selling games console ever, mind you, but still pretty impressive for a company with nearly a dozen mobile gaming flavors on the books since the chubby gray-on-green-screen Game Boy debuted back in …

The Incredibly Cheap $100 Nintendo 3DS

You probably paid $250 for that sleek cobalt black or aqua blue Nintendo 3DS you snatched up Sunday. Now guess what Nintendo’s paying.

Try $103 and change, or less than half your bill. That’s what analyst iSuppli estimates the company’s forking over in manufacturing costs for every 3DS that rolls off the line, though cautioning the …

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