Little Big Planet 2 Gets Official, Shipping This Year

MediaMolecule’s wildly popular Little Big Planet is coming back for seconds. The sequel will ship this year with a revamped Popit (“you can bring your characters to life, compose your own music, direct cinematic masterpieces, wire controllers directly in to your contraptions, connect easy to use switches, microchips and circuit boards …

8 Netbooks Worth Buying Right Now

Tablets like Apple’s iPad will soon be all the rage, but netbooks are still holding strong and demand doesn’t appear to have dropped off drastically from last year. So we’ve compiled eight of the best and brightest available today. Each netbook on the list has a screen larger than 1024×600 because anything smaller just wouldn’t …

Sony Officially Unveils PlayStation Move

Evan and I are coming to you live from Sony’s GDC press conference. And they’ve just revealed the official name as PlayStation Move.

Peter Dille is currently on stage going through software sales and how well Sony has done thus far. Did you know that God of War III is 35 gigs? GT5 will ship this year. “Worth the wait.” Duh.

The …

PSA: PlayStation Home v1.35 Inbound

Home is where the heart is.

Or where you go when you’re really bored.

Sony will be rolling out Home v1.35 tomorrow and it promises decreased load times and a revamped World Map that’s been streamlined to help you navigate Second Life Home. I don’t think I’ve ever gone into Home.

This streamlined interface features

Whom The Gods Would Destroy: The God of War III Review

In Greek mythology, mortals usually ascend to godhood for acts of great valor or sacrifice, like Hercules enduring the torment of his 12 labors. Kratos, hero of Sony’s God of War franchise, snatched his divinity from Ares in the series’ first game. In the second game, Zeus kicked the angry warrior off Olympus for showing favor to his …

Sony Prepares To Do Battle With Apple, Itself

Ask anyone what they think of Sony today and chances are you won’t get a positive response. The company that once dominated the consumer electronics sector has fallen on hard times in recent years. Every facet of the business is playing catch up to companies like Microsoft, Samsung and Apple. What went wrong?

I fondly remember my …

PSN Goes Down For Older PS3s

Sometime yesterday the PlayStation Network became inaccessible for owners of older model PS3s. Those with the updated slim model appear to be in the clear. So what went wrong? According to Sony, the problem’s root cause appears to be a bug in the clock.

If you haven’t fired up your PS3 in the last 24 hours, Sony suggests you keep …

Power and Pathos: Previewing God of War III

Since the days of antiquity, scaling Mount Olympus has been a metaphor for doing something beyond the abilities of mere mortals. Borne on the back of the Titan Gaia, Kratos–the God of War series’ brutal anti-hero–starts off the upcoming PS3 game by doing just that. Climbing Olympus symbolizes both the accomplishment of achievement …

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