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How to Wipe Twitter Clean of the Royal Wedding

The big event itself may be over – and, hey, the internet is still apparently standing after all! – but that doesn’t mean that Royal Wedding fever isn’t going to continue all through the rest of the day on your social media of choice (That dress isn’t going to discuss itself, people).

Luckily, though, you don’t have to join in:

Now, Robots Can Save You from Baldness… As Long As You’re Not Blond

Finally, technology has come up with something that is actually useful to me. Oh, sure; various communication technologies, modes of transport, and alternative forms of energy collection are fine, I guess, but when you put them next to a robot that harvests your hair for hair transplant surgery to cure baldness, then there’s really no …

Sony Announces Two Android Tablets, Including a Dual-Screen Device

Hot on the heels of Lenovo’s leaked Honeycomb tablet, Sony has announced two versions of their own. The S1 and S2 don’t look all of those other tablets rolling off the assembly machine these days – the S2 even has a dual screen.

The S1 follows the traditional slate form factor with a 9.4-inch screen. CrunchGear expects the …

Lenovo to Debut Honeycomb ThinkPad Tablet This Summer

Lenovo’s joining the tablet party this summer by launching its own tablet. To boot, it comes with its own custom, Lenovo-flavored version of Honeycomb. Over the weekend, This Is My Next got their hands on a document detailing the Thinkpad device. Also somewhere, a Lenovo PR rep is crying.

Lenovo’s 10.1-inch tablet comes with a …

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