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Bionic Arm Gives You Superhuman Strength, Makes You That Much Cooler

Holding your arm out straight in place for long periods of time could be a strenuous task that many of us can’t undertake without feeling a considerable amount of pain.

But for surgeons, tattoo artists and jewelers whose occupations require them to hold their limbs in weird positions, it’s part of the job. An exoskeletal arm, however, …

Professor Commissions Creepy Robot That Looks Exactly Like Him

This isn’t eerie at all: Geminoid DK, in conjunction with Professor Henrik Scharfe of Aalborg University in Denmark, has created a robotic version of the associate professor that looks identical to him. If it weren’t enough that the robot looked exactly like Scharfe, it also mimics the professor’s shrugs and facial expressions.

The …

Japan: Baby Robots Treat Depressed Seniors

Yes, you read the headline right–baby robots are being used to treat depressed seniors with Alzheimer’s in Japan. As strange as it might sound, some studies have shown that caring for dolls is therapeutic to depressed Alzheimer’s patients.

The babyloid, which is still a prototype, looks a bit like the strange lovechild of a robot and …

Steve Jobs’ Honorary Knighthood Blocked

Although Steve Jobs may not become Sir Steve any time soon, he’s still our tech-y knight in shining armor.

The Telegraph reports that plans to knight Steve Jobs for his contributions to business and technology in 2009 were scrapped by then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who held a grudge ever since Jobs declined an invitation to speak …

Under Armour Reveals NFL ‘Game-Changer’ Tech Shirt

If you really want to know what drives your NFL prospect internally, you’ll need to get your hands on an E39 Compression Shirt.

Weighing 4.5 ounces, the Under Armour-brand tech-heavy biometric shirt can measure heart and breathing rates, skin-surface temperature and the wearer’s force and direction.

“The guys who are training …

Google, Sony, Tivo Form Crusading Supergroup For Smart Televisions

It’s like the Justice League of Technology: Google, Sony, TiVo, Mitsubishi, Best Buy and two lesser-known companies (NagraVision and SageTV – Think of them as the Martian Manhunter and Aquaman of the team) have joined together to support the Federal Communication Commission’s AllVid proposal, calling themselves the AllVid Tech Company …

Toy Fair: Top 10 Tech Toys For 2011

Once an expensive minority, toy makers are adopting newer technologies every year – it seems like almost everything needs a battery or power source now. This year’s Toy Fair was no different. Combing the aisles, I found the ten toys with new or interesting technology that’ll make your kid say “gimme.”

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