The $70 ‘iPADock’ Charges Two iPads, Four iPhones, and More

Sweet merciful crap, this thing does it all—and isn’t insanely expensive. The Japan-only iPADock can charge and sync two iPads at a time, an iPad and two iPhones, or four iPhones. Just about every model of iPod is welcome, too.

The backside of the dock sports two iPod nano slots, a three-port USB hub, three memory card readers, …

Samsung Teases ‘Galaxy Tab’ Android Tablet Promo Video

It’s pretty much official now. We’ve gotten word direct from Samsung that it’ll be unveiling the 7-inch “Galaxy Tab” Android Tablet on September 2nd.

The YouTube video above briefly either showcases or mentions the following:

– Swype keyboard input

– Android 2.2

– Augmented reality

– Video calling

– Rear facing …

Is Apple Planning Touchscreen iMacs and MacBooks?

Apple filed a patent back in January outlining an all-in-one iMac that would function as a standard mouse-and-keyboard computer when the screen was positioned at an upright angle and, when tilted toward the user, would turn into a touchscreen computer running in “a low-resolution input mode, such as a touch-based interface.”

In …

ViewSonic to Sell 10-inch Hybrid Android/Windows Tablet

Be still, my beating heart. ViewSonic will be showing off a 10-inch “ViewPad” tablet with an Intel processor next week that dual boots into both Android and a Microsoft-based operating system. It’s unclear whether the Microsoft part of the equation will be a full version of Windows 7 or the scaled back Windows Embedded Compact 7, which …

WTF of the Day: FleshDrive

You have before you a USB drive. The aptly named FleshDrive is perfect for the adult film connoisseur. No longer will you have to store your naughty videos on your computer or bring a stack of DVDs on the plane or train, the FleshDrive and its “proprietary technology” work on all manner of machines regardless of format.

“Hours …

HP Tablets with Palm Operating System Due ‘Early 2011’

On a company earnings call yesterday, Hewlett Packard’s Todd Bradley made it official that we can expect both Microsoft tablets and webOS (Palm’s mobile operating system) tablets to hit the market.

“You’ll see us with a Microsoft product out in the near future, and a webOS-based product in early 2011,” remarked Bradley when asked …

Upcoming Verizon FiOS App Turns Your iPad into a TV

Verizon announced plans to offer an iPad app capable of showing television shows in real time to the company’s FiOS subscribers. Due to hit next year, the app will only show live channels at first—no recording or time-shifting just yet. Essentially, it turns your iPad into another TV if you’re a FiOS subscriber.

The service will …

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