Flipboard iPad App Makes a Magazine from Twitter, Facebook

A new iPad app called Flipboard is attempting to bridge the gap between the straightforward, simplified layout of a magazine and the endless amounts of disorganized information available on Facebook and Twitter.

The app is free to download and positions itself as “a social magazine that brings to life the stories, photos, news and …

ASUS Tablet Drops Windows Embedded for Android

Back in early June, we got a glimpse of some of the iPad competitors that’ll be hitting shelves later this year. One of the main contenders is Asus, with the company showing off 10- and 12-inch versions of its impending EeePad line due in early 2011.

The company’s 12-inch tablet will reportedly run a full blown version of Windows 7

Two Minute Video: How to Add RAM to Your Laptop

Upgrading the RAM in your laptop is one of the easiest, quickest, and cheapest ways to improve your computer’s performance. The actual process is super simple, though some computer shops charge upwards of $50 for what amounts to less than five minutes worth of work.

Check out the above video to see how it’s done.

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The Weezer Interview

In the second of a series of private shows to promote HP’s Beats Audio line, Weezer took a break from tour to rock a soggy and wet Times Square yesterday. The short set was broadcast live from Reuters Studio A to the Nasdaq jumbotron and streamed live thanks to production house Digital Broadcasting Group to HP’s facebook page.

HP’s …

Apple To Replace Broken Time Capsules From 2008

Did you purchase a Time Capsule between February 2008 and June 2008? Does it struggle to power on or shut down after it fires up? Wait a second. If you’ve been sitting on a Time Capsule that isn’t able to power on then you’re what TLC or whatever channel would call a hoarder. In the event that you still have said Time Capsule with a …

Asus 1215N Netbook Packs Dual Core Atom CPU, Sub $500 Price

Asus has pulled some noteworthy tricks in the interest of pushing out netbooks that pack a little more power than competing machines—namely, stuffing desktop-specific Atom CPUs into netbook form factors. It did so with the 1201N, which used a dual-core Atom 330 CPU and is poised to do it again with the 1215N, which will feature a …

MIT’s Mouseless Project is an Invisible Computer Mouse

Mouseless is a self-described “invisible computer mouse that provides the familiarity of interaction of a physical mouse without actually needing a real hardware mouse.”

An offspring of MIT’s Media Lab, the project consists of two infrared cameras capable of identifying the details and positioning of a human hand. The user moves his …

Gateway’s 11.6-inch LT32 Netbook Powered by AMD

Gateway has announced the 11.6-inch LT32 netbook for $450. Here’s the quick and dirty:

– AMD Athlon II Neo CPU at 1.7GHz

– Windows 7 Home Premium

– 2GB of DDR3 RAM

– 250GB hard drive

– Up to 5.5 hours of battery life

– ATI Radeon HD 4225 GPU with up to 384MB of shared system memory

– 11.6-inch 1366×768 LED-backlit display

How to Quickly Tune Up Your PC

There are thousands upon thousands of step-by-step guides that’ll show you how to de-gunk your PC in the event of system slowdowns, crashes, and viruses. This one’s built for speed and can be done on a semi-regular basis if you just want to tidy things up a bit.

You’ll need to download, install, and run these three programs in this …

PSA: Sony Recalls 233,000 VAIO Laptops Due to Burn Hazard

There’s been a recall issued for Sony VAIO laptops in the VPCF11 series (shown above) and the VPCCW2 series (shown below).

These particular models would have been sold at Best Buy, Costco, Frys, Amazon, and directly from Sony between January and April of this year for prices between $800 and $1,500.

According to the recall, …

Hulu Plus: Every Episode from Every Season for $10 Per Month

Here’s the deal with Hulu Plus. You pay Hulu $10 per month and they’ll let you watch every episode from every season of every show they offer from the likes of ABC, NBC, and FOX. Oh, and you can watch on your computer, your iPhone, your iPad, or your TV (provided you have an internet-connected TV or Blu-ray player made by Samsung). Hulu …

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