Acer to Show Off Chrome OS Computers in Early June?

VentureBeat is reporting that “Acer will launch Chrome OS devices at the Computex Taipei show, which will be held from June 1 to June 5.” That’s according to “multiple sources,” though it’s not to say that the “launch” will mean that the devices will be available for purchase in June. I have a feeling Acer won’t be the …

Gateway NV Laptops Feature Social Networking Button

Gateway has expanded its line of NV-series notebooks with the NV59, a 15.6-inch machine starting at $630 and decked out with an Intel Core i3 or i5 processor (depending upon the configuration), optional Blu-ray (staring at $800) and featuring a series-wide “integrated ‘social networking’ button that allows customers to access …

AMD Bumps Notebook Battery to 8 Hours, Updates Desktop CPUs

AMD is finding its way further into the ultrathin, long battery life notebook arena with its recently announced 2010 “Vision” series CPUs. The line be available “in sleek and affordable notebooks that can deliver up to eight hours of battery life” while scoring “50% better than a comparable Intel-based system with Nvidia …

MSI to Show Slatebook in June?

MSI, you know you can’t name something a “slatebook,” right? It’s either a slate or a notebook! Aw, what the hell. Do whatever you want. Crazy kids.

DigiTimes is reporting that MSI “will showcase a tablet PC, the MSI Slatebook, based on Intel’s mobile internet device (MID) platform at Computex 2010,” the collective

They Should Make It: HP Slate Dual Booting Win7 and WebOS

There’s been a lot of hubbub about tablet computing, in general, with most of the criticism for Windows-based tablets stemming from the fact that Windows on a tablet results in an underpowered computing experience with short battery life. So on the flipside of that coin, we’ve got mobile-centric operating systems like Android and

Lenovo Announces New Laptops, Desktops, All-in-Ones

Lenovo has unveiled its summer lineup of consumer computers. There’s plenty to choose from, so let’s cut the jibber jabber and get down to it.

IdeaPad Z Series

The Z Series laptops start at $649 and are available in 13.3- and 15.6-inch models. The company is positioning these machines as bringing “mobile multimedia to the …

Sony Adds Trackpad, New Colors to VAIO P Ultraportables

Sony’s VAIO P series is kind of in a category of its own. At 1.4 pounds with a 1600×768 resolution 8-inch screen, the computer packs netbook features into a tiny body while commanding a very non-netbook price tag of $800.

What you get for your money, though, is one of the most portable computers available. Sony’s newest revision to

HP Hurricane webOS Tablet Coming In Q3?

Less than two weeks ago, HP announced that it would be acquiring Palm for $1.2 billion and it was then that speculation began to run rampant about a webOS tablet. According to an “insider at HP” the company is already fast-tracking a webOS tablet to launch in the third quarter of this year. Codenamed Hurricane, the webOS tablet is …

Toshiba Working on 13-inch Laptop That Weighs 2.2 Pounds?

Here’s a quick rumor for you to take into the weekend. Looks like Toshiba may be working on the world’s lightest 13-inch laptop. It’s reported to weigh just 2.2 pounds, feature Intel’s new Core i3/5/7 processors, and come with something called a “super charged ion battery” that’s capable of recharging to 90% capacity within …

iPad To Take Over The World On May 28

Maybe not the world, but part of it. Beginning May 10, those of you living in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK can pre-order the “magical” iPad and have it delivered to your doorstep on May 28. That is all.

• 16GB WiFi-only £429
• 32GB WiFi-only £499
• 64GB WiFi-only £599
• 16GB …

New Intel Atom Z600 CPUs Coming to Tablets and Phones

Intel’s Atom CPUs have been all over the netbook space but the processor manufacturer wants in on the lucrative smartphone and tablet arenas as well. With the introduction of the Z600 series of Atom CPUs, Intel is promising processor speeds up to 1.9GHz for tablets and 1.5GHz for smartphones while maintaining long battery life and the …

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