Two Minute Video: Can Windows Phone 7 Split the Difference?

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform may be able to split the difference between the heavily controlled-yet-polished structure of the iPhone platform and the almost overwhelming device, form factor, and carrier options available with the Android platform.

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How to Free Up Space in Gmail

If you find yourself running low on storage space inside Gmail, Lifehacker has a good piece on a service called Find Big Mail. The service basically hooks into your Gmail account and creates three new folders in your inbox: My Big Mail, My Really Big Mail, and My Ultra Big Mail. You can then scour the messages in those folders and delete …

TiVo Rolls Out Online Season Pass Management

TiVo subscribers looking for a more streamlined way to manage their Season Pass shows can now do so via TiVo’s website.

According to the press release:

“For years, TiVo has allowed customers to remotely schedule recordings and set up Season Passes from With this updated tool TiVo subscribers can now also reprioritize or

Windows Phone 7 Ushers In Zune Support For Macs

The head of marketing for Windows Phone in the UK has unofficially confirmed via Twitter that support for Zune on the Mac is coming. The update has since been removed but Microsoft has confirmed that a public beta will be out this year allowing Windows Phone 7 users to sync “select content” with their Macs. Whether or not that means …

W PhoneWatch Review: The Epitome of Convergence

The $200 W PhoneWatch from Kempler and Strauss is not new. It debuted a little over a year ago and went on sale earlier this year. But if someone asks you if you want to review a watch that’s also a cell phone, you say yes. That’s a good rule for life in general. Once you’ve reviewed a watch that’s also a cell phone, you can pass on …

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