AT&T To Carry Samsung Galaxy Tab This Holiday Season [Update]

Update: all four major US carriers will carry the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung’s Android-powered Galaxy Tab will soon be available on the “No. 1 mobile phone provider in the U.S.”. That’s right, the 7-inch tablet with a 1GHz Hummingbird processor will be sold by AT&T “in time for the holiday season.”

The Galaxy Tab will launch …

Two Minute Video: Quick and Easy Facebook Tricks

This whole Facebook thing might… just… catch… on. Until it does, here are a few simple tips and tricks you can use while you wait for the rest of your friends to join. I’ll show you how to make sure nobody but your actual friends can see what you’re up to, how to block your boss from seeing all your work-related complaints, how to …

Looxcie Takes Oversharing to the Next Level

In an age of oversharing thanks to services like Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, etc., do we really need to see what you’re actually seeing and doing, too? Looxcie thinks so.

The douchey Bluetooth looking earpiece is actually a camera that’s constantly recording (up to four hours at 320×480 at 15fps) whatever it is that you’re …

MOG Gets a Roku Channel

One of our favorite on-demand music services, MOG, is expanding to one of our favorite set-top boxes, Roku, today. The MOG Channel will stream music at 320kbps and includes MOG’s wonderfully awesome “MOG Mobius” music discovery engine that allows subscribers to listen to true artist only stations or mix it up at their leisure.

To …

Apple iPod touch (2010) Review: Don’t Want an iPhone? Get This!

“What’s the big deal? It just has cameras and that eyeball display thing, right?”

Sure, if you want to boil it down to the very basics and judge a book by its cover, then, yes, the latest iPod touch update includes nothing more than the iPhone 4’s Retina display (960×640), a front-facing and rear camera. But like any other …

Run Your Own iPhone-based ZipCar Service with Getaround

If you own a car and you’re sick—SICK!—of watching it lazily sit out on your street while you’re not driving it, you can make it earn its keep by renting it out by the hour, a la ZipCar.

While there’s no shortage of ZipCar competitors, Getaround appears to be one of the newest. The service is still in beta but offers car owners the

Nikon D7000 DSLR Camera Due in October

Nikon will be releasing the D7000 midrange/prosumer/enthusiast DSLR camera in mid-October with a starting price of $1200 for just the body, or $1500 with an 18-105mm lens.

The D7000 has a 16.2-megapixel sensor, 39-point autofocus system, 6 shots-per-second burst mode, and can record full 1080p HD video. Other features include dual SD

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