Verizon Droid 2 Pre-sale Starts Tomorrow, Available Thursday

Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to pre-order the Motorola Droid 2 from Verizon for $200 after a $100 mail in rebate and a two-year contract. The phones will be available in stores on Thursday. The Droid 2, like the original Droid, features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and runs Android.

This version will be running the newest …

Verizon’s Upcoming Roadmap Leaked, Lots of Android, No Mention of iPhone

One of BGR’s many insiders has revealed key details in Verizon’s upcoming roadmap for the latter half of 2010 and 2011. Contrary to reports that Verizon would be getting the iPhone in early 2011, there are plenty of Android-powered devices of various sizes and form factors slated for big red.

Motorola is working on a Droid Pro …

Top Ten Monday Tech Deals

Monday. You can’t stop it, you can only hope to get through it. Here’s a set of handpicked gadget deals to help you do just that.

Refurbished 4.3-inch Insignia GPS: $29.99, today only (

Best Buy-owned offers a one-day deal on a refurbished GPS. It’s an Insignia, which is a Best Buy house brand. Works out …

BlackBerry Curve 3G For T-Mobile Announced, Will Run BB 6

After last week’s Torch announcement, the introduction of the Curve 3G (9300) isn’t all that impressive.

The Curve 3G will ship with BlackBerry OS 5 but it is BB 6 ready. Specs are par for the course with GPS, optical trackpad, Wi-Fi, 256MB of internal memory, a 2-megapixel camera and a 320×240 display.

Look for it this …

12-Core Apple Mac Pro Now Available For Order

Not that the average Joe would ever need a 12-Core machine or need to spend $5,000 on one but Apple now makes one just in case.

Slipped into the Apple Store this morning, the latest Mac Pro is equipped with two 2.66GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon Westmere (32nm) processors with 6GB of memory and 1TB drive. And that’s just the base …

Is RED’s Epic 5K Camera Close To Launch?

Academy Award-winning director David Fincher was spotted with five or six EPIC cameras today at RED’s Hollywood shop (HQ in Lake Forest, CA). This is important for two reasons a) with five or six (or more) Epics out in the wild it means the 5K camera could be close to finished and b) a new feature may have been spotted in what could be …

Rumor: Verizon iPhone Confirmed, says TechCrunch

In a rather needlessly lengthy post, TechCrunch contributor Steve Cheney claims that unnamed sources have revealed to him that Apple has ordered millions of CDMA chipsets from San Diego, CA-based Qualcomm. The fabled iPhone for Verizon will supposedly go into production in December.

The entire story is a bit contradictory. Cheney …

Paycheck Friday: Purchasing Suggestions For Your Perusal

It’s Friday! Maybe you just got paid. You could use that money for boring stuff like bills, rent, and food, or you could act like a wonderfully impulsive consumer and spend it on any number of products. Here are some ideas to get you started based on your taxable income bracket.

10% ($0 to $8,375)

Times are tough and, let’s face …

How Would Apple Position an 11.6-inch MacBook Air?

We’re going to have to connect some dots on this one, but let’s explore how Apple might go about selling an 11.6-inch version of its ultraportbale MacBook Air notebook.

For starters, an analyst named Keith Bachman reportedly said in a recent research report that Apple will be announcing two new MacBook Air models at its press …

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