3D Smartphone Coming From Sharp Later This Year, No Glasses Required

Sharp, the one time maker of the now defunct KIN and Sidekick brands, has declared it will bring to market a smartphone with a 3D panel that doesn’t require glasses by year’s end. It will likely have a 3D camera in tow, too. But will it be any better than the display on the Nintendo 3DS? And will it be any better than the faux 3D …

BlackBerry Ban Begins 8/6 in Saudi Arabia

Less than 48 hours after the United Arab Emirates announced they would begin banning BlackBerry service on October 11 comes word from it’s neighbor to the west that they, too, would be banning BlackBerry service but sooner rather than later.

The Communications and Information Technology Commission of Saudi Arabia threw the …

How To: Upgrade Your Droid To Froyo Now!

The wait for Froyo is now over, Droid owner. Follow these simple steps to upgrade if you haven’t already received a notification to update OTA.

Step 1. Download this file and rename it “”

Step 2. Copy the zip file to your Droid’s microSD card.

Step 3. Power down your Droid.

Step 4. While pressing the “x” button, …

What is the Microsoft Hardware Team Teasing on Twitter?

The team at Microsoft who’s in charge of mice, keyboards and other peripherals has turned to Twitter to tease out an upcoming product.

We caught a glimpse of said new product on July 27 with a spliced image revealing the corner of a matte black finish peripheral. Yesterday they offered the following hint: “Don’t be so …

Wherein Japan Stuffs a GPS System Into a Pair of Eyeglasses

The Nakajima Laboratory at the University of Electro-Communications in Japan has developed a prototype pair of GPS-enabled glasses that use LED lights built into the frame to keep you moving in the right direction.

The glasses house a microcomputer used to input your final destination, which works in tandem with a sensor to facilitate …

App of the Week: Thumbplay

Leave Pandora to the Na’vi, Thumbplay is the definitive cloud-based music service for both desktop and mobile devices with unlimited, on-demand access to over nine million tracks. Import your existing iTunes playlists and wirelessly sync between your smartphone (Android, BlackBerry and iPhone) and computer (PC and Mac). Tap into your …

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