Goodbye Sidekick, I Loved You

Less than 24 hours after it was announced that Microsoft was scrapping KIN, Microsoft’s other carrier partner T-Mobile has stated that it will halt all sales of the Sidekick line starting tomorrow.

As T-Mobile looks to further innovate and raise the bar for the next iteration of the T-Mobile Sidekick, as of July 2, the Sidekick LX

Google News Gets All Up In Your Business (Is That Really A Good Thing?)

Rather see a New York Times article than a Huff Po link? Google can arrange that.

Today, Google unveiled its latest News update, a customized ranking system that relies on rankings made by you to display a more tailored news feed. The latest feature, “News For You,” will offer localized, personalized news based on your preferences. By …

Yahoo! Comes to Android

PSA Android owners-

Yahoo! has just made available apps for Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Search.

Also, Yahoo! Mail and News have been HTML5 optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

That is all.

Press release after the jump.

G-Shock Teams Up With The Surfrider Foundation

The ocean is something near and dear to my heart. I love the ocean. I hope to surf in any one of our beautiful oceans until the day I die. Well, maybe not the Arctic unless I have one of those heated suits from Rip Curl cuz, you know, it’s freezing cold. Even if you don’t surf, bodyboard, bodysurf or dive, you should join the …

Apple Issues Config File To Fix iOS4 Exchange Active Sync Issues

I’m not sure about anyone else but I’ve been having issues with my Exchange account since upgrading to iOS4 on my iPhone 3GS. Updates are extremely slow and I’m talking, like, 4-6 hour delays. Apple released the following config file last night but I’m still not seeing any improvement. Maybe I should inform the IT guys.

• …

I Just Found My iPhone 4 Case

Let the record show that I, Peter Ha, do not like 99% of the cases available on the market for the iPhone 4. They’re just really, really ugly. But Element Case’s Vapor case is one hot piece of aluminum ass. Crafted from aircraft-grade CNC’d aluminum, the Vapor weighs less than 30 grams and is lined with a shock-absorbent …

Broadband Deemed Legal Right for Citizens of Finland

Starting today, every citizen of Finland has the legal right to a broadband internet connection with speeds of at least one megabit per second. That’s not to say that the internet service will be provided for free, just that it must be made available to every home.

According to the BBC, “It is believed up to 96% of the population are …

Is Wicked Lasers’ S3 Spyder Arctic a Lightsaber?

According to Lucasfilm it is, even though Wicked Lasers doesn’t advertise it as such. But let’s be honest, the hilt looks exactly like a lightsaber. Here’s what Lucasfilm’s General Counsel David Anderman had to say:

“It has come to our attention that a company called Wicked Lasers is selling a highly dangerous product

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