Unboxing the iPhone 4

A very good friend of Techland was kind enough to lend us her/his/it iPhone 4 for an unboxing. Not that it’s a big secret. Check back in the AM for more.

Viacom Loses Copyright Case Against YouTube

Today, the court found in favor of YouTube in regard to its spat with Viacom over claims of copyright infringement.

In March 2007, Viacom slapped YouTube with a $1 billion lawsuit claiming that YouTube had made 160,000 unauthorized clips available to the public as well as encouraging its users to commit copyright infringement. YouTube …

Prepaid MiFi Device Coming From Virgin Mobile on Monday

Virgin Mobile will give semi-frequent travelers even less reason to get locked into a two year wireless data contract on Monday when its prepaid MiFi device hits shelves in Best Buy and Radio Shack stores.

The MiFi is a battery powered pocket router that pulls in a 3G data signal over Sprint’s network, which Virgin Mobile leases, and …

Gateway ID Series: Larger Screens, Lighter Weight

Gateway’s ID series notebooks attempt to walk the delicate tightrope straddling decent screen sizes and thin-and-light design aesthetics. The 14-inch ID49 line sports an LED backlit screen with a 1366×768 resolution, 4GB of RAM, Intel Core i3/i5 processors, Windows 7 Home Premium, and a thickness of under an inch while tipping the scales …

iPhone 4 Review Roundup

Reviews for Apple’s newest moneymaker are starting to trickle in. We’ll have our own review in due time but here’s a look at some early iPhone 4 critiques while you wait.

New York Times:

“Now, the iPhone is no longer the undisputed king of app phones. In particular, the technically inclined may find greater flexibility and choice

What You Need To Know About iPhone Availability at AT&T

So, you ordered an iPhone 4 from AT&T, huh? According to AT&T, sales were unprecedented with pre-orders on June 15 being 10 times higher than they were for the iPhone 3GS a year prior.

AT&T will fulfill all preorders on the iPhone 4 for those that preordered on June 15. If you didn’t then you’re going to have to wait until …

Google Voice Available For All

Google’s web-based communications platform, Google Voice, is now available for everyone and anyone after a year’s worth of testing and tweaking. If you’re unfamiliar with what GV is and what it does, fret not; Google has a video for that. In a nutshell: a Google Voice number rings all your linked phones, has voicemail that looks …

Apple Shares Your Location With ‘Partners and Licensees’

If you’ve opened up the App Store on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad recently, you were likely prompted to accept Apple’s new terms and conditions policy before being able to download anything. It happened to me yesterday and, acting like a true consumer, I accepted the policy without reading all 45+ pages of it on my phone’s tiny …

Acer Rolls Out New ‘TimelineX’ Ultraportable Notebooks, More

Acer pretty much announced a bajillion notebooks today. You’ll recall that the company announced a skillion netbooks on Friday, bringing the total number of newly-announced portable computers from Acer to a bajillion-skillion.

The company’s “TimelineX” series of ultraportables is the most impressive, in my opinion. They seem to …

Exclusive: Your First Look at Dyson’s New Air Multipliers

Today marks the first official day of summer. It also marks the debut of Dyson’s latest batch of Air Multipliers. You remember those, right? The bladeless fans that came out in October 2009.

This is how the tech works:

From the base the air is forced into the loop amplifier and accelerated through the annular aperture,

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