Google Announces Browser-Based App Store

Citing the difficulty inherent in finding web-based applications, Google has announced its own web store, fittingly called the Chrome Web Store. It’ll feature one-click purchases tied to your Google account, and purchased browser-based applications will appear right on your Chrome start page.

During the keynote at its 2010 …

Intel to Allow New Dual Core Atom CPUs in Larger Netbooks

Silly though that headline may sound, manufacturers who wish to sell netbooks with screens larger than 10 inches have had to swap out the made-for-netbooks Atom N-series processors with either Z-series chips, made for mobile internet devices and smaller tablets, or even cram a D-series desktop Atom processor into a netbook, as ASUS has …

Android 2.1 Update Out Now For Sprint HTC Hero

Better late than never.

Sprint announced today that they would begin rolling out Android 2.1 aka Éclair for HTC Hero owners. The update brings goodies like Google Maps Navigation, enhanced corporate email support, a beefed up Sense UI and a variety of minor bug fixes.

Update your software

To update your Hero through computer

iPod Touch With Camera Spotted In Vietnam

Vietnam sure is becoming a hotbed for leaked Apple products.

From the fine folks at Tinhte, we have a clear view of an unreleased 64GB (unless 64G means something else) iPod Touch with a 2-megapixel camera. Everything appears to be up to snuff, but until Apple officially unveils it things could always change. The parts list …

Tethering Feature Spotted in iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4

Where were you when AT&T first promised that tethering would be available on the iPhone? It seems like eons ago now. Take heart, though, because a tethering option has been spotted in the beta version of the new iPhone operating system that’s set to reach consumers sometime next month.

Now before you get too excited, a similar …

Poll: Would You Dump Gmail For The New Hotmail?

Today, Microsoft unveiled its big Hotmail upgrade, followed by a resounding, “About time.” Among its new features, the revamped Hotmail will use cloud-based data storage, enable you to edit Microsoft docs directly within the email and will filter messages into four different “buckets:” mail from your contacts, mail from social networks, …

The Cubicle Perspective: Microsoft Office 2010 for the Rest of Us

Every year or two, when Microsoft launches the latest version of its Office suite, three things happen. First, the software giant proudly trumpets a laundry list of widgets, buttons and whiz-bang new menu items. Then the devoted band of techies who follow such things respond, either with horrified disdain at the continued prominence of …

The Ting Tings Interview

Over the last couple of weekends Microsoft has thrown secret concerts in San Francisco and New York City to promote the recently launched KIN devices. On Saturday I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the three bands playing secret shows throughout NYC (a boat load of pictures are available here). I’d never really listened to

The Future? Google Phone Whispers Targeted Ads

Though this video from The Onion is a tongue-in-cheek look at Google’s advertising platform, it may not be too far off from what’s coming in the future.

The idea is simple. Google gives away handsets and service for free and in return, it uses voice recognition software to detect what you’re talking about and whispers …

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