I Am Bat(man) On Fire

Using a Canon EOS 7D and sparklers, Mina Mikhael and Matthew Barhoma created one of the coolest long exposure photos mine eyes have ever seen. Or maybe my love of Batman is just that sickening. EXIF data can be found here if you’re curious as to how these blokes pulled this off.

[Flickr via Giz]

Cisco Promises Wi-Fi-enabled Flip

File this under “It’s about damn time”.

Speaking to Computerworld at Cisco’s annual Cisco Live! Conference, Marthin De Beer, senior VP of emerging technologies, detailed a couple consumer focused points about what’s in the pipeline.

• a Wi-Fi-enabled Flip camera is on the way and will likely be available in time for …

Flip SlideHD Review: When Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough

Today Cisco officially unveiled the latest addition to the Flip family: SlideHD. (I hinted at a new model back in January, by the way.) Flip products have always been simple to use and the SlideHD doesn’t venture too far off the reservation.

What’s unique about this particular model is the 3-inch resistive touchscreen (recording …

We Have Things To Break, Help Us Break Said Things

We currently have two products in the lab that need to be tested – Casio Exilim EX-G1 (a camera) and Casio G’zOne Brigade (a cell phone). Both products are of the rough and tumble variety, so our goal is to break them. How should we do it? Everything will be caught on camera so sky’s the limit.

Canon t2i: DSLR Records HD Video On The Cheap

Say hello to the 18-megapixel Canon t2i, folks. It’s a lot like the t1i, but it shoots full HD video like the 7D and ships next month for $799 (body-only).


LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., February 8, 2010 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging, today introduced the new flagship model for the Company’s highly popular

Hands-on With the Olympus E-PL1

Somebody spilled the beans earlier today, but Olympus has just officially unveiled the E-PL1. If you’re familiar with the PEN series from last year then this is the updated version that’s a tad stripped down, cheaper and a heck of a lot faster when it comes to auto-focusing. It even has a built-in flash that reminds me of Johnny 5. I …

Latest Olympus Cameras Have Worthwhile Feature(s)

Olympus updated a handful of their point-and-shoot cameras and while most updates of this nature would normally put me to sleep I was fortunate enough to have some hands-on time earlier today.

The biggest feature update across all the new Oly cams was the direct to HD video capture button. It’s red and in your face (in a good way). …

Fuji Announces Bevy Of Digital Cameras

PMA is going down later this month in Anaheim, but that won’t be stopping the camera manufacturers from announcing their goods a few weeks early. On tap for today is Fujifilm with the F80EXR, Z700EXR and HS10 and a gaggle of other entry-level point and shoots. Here’s the quick and dirty on the cream of the crop.

FinePix F80EXR: …

Pentax Goes Retro With The Optio I-10

Just a few weeks ahead of PMA, Pentax has just announced two new compact digital point-and-shoot models and an update to a cheap-o line.

Retro seems to be the way to go for camera manufacturers these days and Pentax is jumping on the bandwagon with the brand new Optio I-series. The I-10’s design is reminiscent of classic SLR styling …

The Best of CES 2010

FULL LIST: The Best of CES 2010

As you can imagine it’s hard to cover a conference like CES — the Consumer Electronics Show which wraps up Saturday in Las Vegas — on your own. Actually, it’s impossible. This is the stuff that I consider to be the best of the best (anyone remember that movie with Eric Roberts?) or – at the very …

Eye-Fi Unveils A Smarter 8GB Pro X2 Wi-Fi SD Memory Card

Rarely, if ever, do I find memory cards exciting, but then again, not all memory card manufacturers are doing what Eye-Fi are currently doing. Makers of the first Wi-Fi SD cards have revealed the 8GB Pro X2 this morning. It’s $150, which is a heck of a lot for an SD card, but this one might actually be worth it.

It not only boasts …

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