App of the Week: Xfinity TV

Recently released for iPad and iPhone, Comcast’s free Xfinity TV app allows you to browse TV listings and schedule remote recordings directly from your device. The real kicker is the ability to use your iPhone or iPad to change the channels on your cable box, though.

Setup entails entering your account credentials in …

Will Apple Announce Web Based iTunes Tomorrow?

We will never forget whatever Apple’s announcing tomorrow, according to the teaser text on the company’s website. “Ah, November 16th. The day Apple launched iTunes for the web,” we might say in the year 2056. That’s not to say that Apple’s launching iTunes for the web, but a web-based version of iTunes would certainly be a relatively big …

Two Minute Video: Windows Phone 7 Tips and Tricks

Here’s a quick look at some tricks you can do with your new Windows Phone 7 device. Aside from the tips contained in the above video, check these ones out as well for some additional functionality.

Quickly delete multiple e-mails

Tap the left-hand edge of any message in your inbox to expose checkboxes next to all your messages. Check

3D Accessory Coming for iPhone

Remember the View-Master? Imagine replacing those little round plastic disks with an iPhone and you’ve basically nailed down what Hasbro’s trying to do with the My3D iPhone accessory.

Due out next spring, the My3D kit will pair an iPhone-mountable viewing apparatus that costs $30 with—you guessed it—apps available from the …

New Samsung Android Phone Features “Ticker Display”

Starting Thursday, Verizon will be taking orders for the Samsung Continuum. It’s a $200 Android phone based on Samsung’s line of Galaxy S handsets.

The Continuum breaks the mold by featuring two LCD screens: a 3.4-inch main screen sits above a 1.8-inch “dedicated ticker display that streams customized information in real time,” …

50 Windows Phone 7 Apps to Get You Started

If history has taught us anything, a phone’s only as good as the apps it can run. In that spirit, here are 50 good Windows Phone 7 apps (many of them free) for your consideration as you load up your new handset.

FilmOn Slings Live Network TV to Your iPad, No App Required

Well this ought to be interesting.

If you have an iPad or an iPhone, head over to in the web browser. What you’re looking at are all the broadcast TV stations in the LA area, plus a couple at the bottom of the list that definitely aren’t safe for work.

Tap any of the network stations and—voila—there’s some live TV …

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