Facebook Launches New Mobile Tools, Location Based Deals

Facebook launched a whole heaping helping of mobile stuff today. Fun fact: President Obama had the audacity to hold a live press conference at the same time. What’s with that guy?! And the Giants had their World Series parade at the same time. What’s with those guys?!

Here’s what’s coming from …

AT&T Turns to Twitter for Tracking Spotty Service

If your AT&T phone drops a call or connects to the web more slowly than normal, complaining about it on Twitter might actually help.

AT&T researcher Jia Wang has published a paper (PDF file) outlining how her company scours Twitter for certain “mobile related words such as phone, mobile, 3G, edge, etc.” paired with certain …

Mount Everest Finally Gets 3G Mobile Internet Service

If there’s one thing that’s kept most of us from climbing Mount Everest, it’s been the total lack of 3G service. What’s the point if you can’t tweet, "Climbing #Everest today. Totes miz, but totes worth it LMAO!" along the way? If you don’t put it on Twitter or Facebook, it never happened.

Luckily, mobile provider Ncell just installed a

AutoBot Connects Your Car to the Net, Offers Phone Control

Your car is a big computer of sorts, your cell phone is a small computer of sorts; why not connect the two? That’s the promise of AutoBot, a $300 device that hooks into your vehicle’s OBD-II connector and relays diagnostic information to your cell phone, integrates with mapping functions, and lets you start and unlock your car …

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