Ask Techland: How Should I Replace My Ancient Cell Phone?

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Question: My ancient AT&T cell phone—it has a Cingular logo on it, if that gives you any indication of its age—is rapidly circling the drain. People can’t hear a word I am saying and the battery life is shot. I’ve heard …

TaintDroid Tattles on Misbehaving Android Apps

Looks like TaintDroid just stole the Worst Recent Product Name award away from the Dell Streak. Once you get past the name, though, TaintDroid (that’s hard to type, even) may turn out to be a valuable app for Android owners.

It’s not quite available publicly yet, but the application will run in the background of an Android phone and

R2-D2 Edition Droid 2 Available 9/30

Motorola and Verizon’s Droid R2-D2 will be in stores on September 30 for $249. Everyone’s favorite astromech will be bundled together with a wired headset and media dock in carbonite-like packaging.

Pre-loaded content will include:
• R2-D2 notification sounds and ringtones
• Four live wallpapers
• R2-D2 clock widget
• “The …

Windows Phone 7 Ads Show Us How Lame We Really Are

By now we’re used to seeing silly ads from Microsoft but the latest batch promoting Windows Phone 7 (featuring the HTC Mondrian) are spot on. I’m not saying things will change with a Windows Phone 7 device but they’ve managed to address a phenomenon that we can all relate to. Watch and you’ll see what I mean.


MLB iPhone App Delivers Food Right to Your Seat

Oh, to be a Phillies fan. The team may very well make the playoffs this year but even better, iPhone owners at Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park can now order food right to their seats using’s free Fan Direct app.

The stadium has apparently been running trials of the service since Monday, and is expected to officially unveil …

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