Cool Flip-Out iPhone Keyboard Coming in November

If you still haven’t gotten used to using the iPhone’s on-screen keyboard, ThinkGeek has developed a very attractive $50 flip-out Bluetooth keyboard that doubles as a protective case.

The TK-421, as it’s being called, will be available around November 23rd for both the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4—iPhone 3G owners are out of …

This Facebook Phone Thing is as Straightforward as God

Do you believe in God? If you do, do you perceive God as an individual entity that looks over us? Or perhaps you perceive God as the sum-total of all souls—God is an ocean and we’re all the droplets of water that make up that ocean, and so on. Or maybe you don’t believe in God. Or maybe you believe in many gods. Maybe you’re God! If …

CDMA iPhone Rumor #5,452,987

According to Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Jeffrey Fidacaro, Apple is on track to begin building 3 million CDMA iPhones starting in December. That would put the total number of iPhones produced for the quarter somewhere between 21 and 22 million. Fidacaro goes on to say that Apple will sell an estimated 11.6 million units in the …

The Facebook Phone Cometh?

Oh, Internet. You’ve gone mad with rumors again. It’s so unlike you!

Facebook is building a phone, says TechCrunch. Facebook is not building a phone, says Facebook. Facebook might not be building a phone but might have someone else build a phone that deeply integrates Facebook, says everyone else (including TechCrunch).

Here’s how …

Peek 9 E-mail Device Promises Everything But Voice and Web

The first Peek device launched two years ago. At its very core, it resembled a thin BlackBerry that only did e-mail—no web surfing, no calls, just e-mail. It was priced relatively aggressively at $100 and commanded a $20-per-month service plan, though no long-term contract was required.

The newest version of the device, the Peek 9,

Run Your Own iPhone-based ZipCar Service with Getaround

If you own a car and you’re sick—SICK!—of watching it lazily sit out on your street while you’re not driving it, you can make it earn its keep by renting it out by the hour, a la ZipCar.

While there’s no shortage of ZipCar competitors, Getaround appears to be one of the newest. The service is still in beta but offers car owners the

Rugged ‘Motorola Defy’ Android Phone Given Away by Oprah?

When you think about rugged cell phones, who’s the first celebrity that comes to mind? Yes, Oprah. Absolutely.

Motorola knows this and, as such, has apparently partnered with the queen of daytime television to promote the new Android-based Motorola Defy. I can’t bring myself to watch today’s show (human interest stories make me cry …

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