BlackBerry Torch Review: Too Little Too Late?

To say that Google and Apple have left RIM in the dust is a bit of an understatement. While RIM has the lion’s share of the smartphone market in the U.S., that number is beginning to decline while Android’s and Apple’s continue to grow each quarter.

RIM has always been focused on the enterprise side and only marginally dabbled …

Search an Android Phone With the Flick of Your Wrist

Google’s “Gesture Search” has been available for Android smartphones for a while now, but the company just updated the app to include a feature that allows users to “double flip” the actual handset in order to initiate a search.

You simply flip the phone’s face away from you and then bring it back to initiate Gesture Search, at …

X-Wing Targeting Computer GPS App for Android

Christopher Caleb and I seem to share a disgustingly over the top love of Star Wars but he is far more dedicated than I.

Chris built a GPS version of the targeting computer used in Luke’s X-Wing, you know, for the Trench Run with Adobe Air for Android. Just watch the video. This is another fine example of why Android kicks …

Sprint Announces Pricing, Availability For Samsung Epic 4G

Samsung’s third Galaxy S Android device in the U.S. will launch August 31. The redubbed Epic 4G for Sprint will cost a whopping $249.99 after a $100 MIR. Sheesh.

Starting tomorrow, Sprint customers can reserve the Epic 4G, “while supplies last.” If you happen to reserve one, you must complete the transaction no later than …

Adidas Sneaker Phone is Pretty Much Just How it Sounds

Do you like Adidas shoes? Do you use a cell phone? Do you like Adidas shoes enough to get a cell phone that looks just like an Adidas shoe?

You’ll have to get it from China and it’s not entirely clear whether the "Adidass808" has Adidas’ legal blessing or not, but the ~$80 handset sure looks cool if you’re into shoe-inspired flip

App of the Week: AT&T U-Verse

This week’s app is admittedly limited in scope but for those of you living in one of 22 states where AT&T offers U-verse TV service, the U-verse app is perfect for any TV junkie with an iPhone or BlackBerry Torch.

The free app allows you to peruse your U-verse TV programming guide, as well as scheduling and managing your DVR. So …

Verizon Droid 2 Pre-sale Starts Tomorrow, Available Thursday

Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to pre-order the Motorola Droid 2 from Verizon for $200 after a $100 mail in rebate and a two-year contract. The phones will be available in stores on Thursday. The Droid 2, like the original Droid, features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and runs Android.

This version will be running the newest …

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