Jobs Knew About iPhone 4 Reception Issues, Says Apple Engineer

Bloomberg is reporting that a senior Apple engineer had warned upper management that the iPhone 4’s design could lead to issues with reception.

Ruben Caballero, a senior engineer and “antenna expert” at Apple, is said to have been vocal about the possibility of dropped calls due to hardware design. Another unnamed source …

iPhone 4 Press Conference Slated For Friday

Apple Inc. will be holding a press conference this Friday at 1PM ET in Cupertino at its headquarters to address the iPhone 4. Calls and e-mails from Apple PR to various news outlets began last night around 8PM ET.

Before the July 4th holiday weekend Consumer Reports issued a report stating that the reception issues suffered by …

Is Apple Mulling Over A Possible iPhone 4 Recall?

In light of what has become a PR nightmare over the faulty reception issues of Apple’s iPhone 4, could the tech giant be considering a recall? PR experts say it’d better.

In a recent Cult of Mac post, PR experts outline the dangers of Apple continuing to skirt the recent accusations of a bad antenna design, especially after …

GE MoodCam iPhone App Promises Perfect Mood Lighting

The things people think up.

GE has come up with an iPhone app that’s supposed to help you decide which bulbs will set a particular mood for a particular room or space that you may or may not inhabit. Snap a photo of said room using your iPhone and swipe one way or the other to establish the right moooood and GE will tell you …

Sprint 4G Service Expands in New York and the West Coast

Sprint has expanded its super fast 4G mobile data service to seven additional markets: Rochester, NY; Syracuse, NY; Merced, California; Visalia, California; Eugene, Oregon; Tri-Cities, Washington; and Yakima, Washington, bringing the grand total of 4G-covered areas to 43.

The list of currently available markets isn’t exactly a who’s who …

Samsung Galaxy S: Hands-on With the AT&T Captivate

The first of four Galaxy S branded Android devices from Samsung will launch on 7/18 with AT&T and we’re happy to give you a sneak peek of the device now.

The Captivate for AT&T will be followed by:

Samsung Vibrant for T-Mobile (7/21)
Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint (TBD)
Samsung Fascinate for Verizon (TBD)

Samsung’s premium …

Windows Phone Live: Remote Wipe, Syncing For Windows Phone 7

Microsoft’s annual Worldwide Partnership Conference is in full swing in our nation’s capital and Andy Lees, Microsoft’s Sr. VP of Mobile Communications, will formally announce Windows Phone Live today. The free service for any Windows Phone 7 user is an online portal that lets you remotely wipe a WP7 device should it ever be lost …

Video: Is BlackBerry 6 Enough To Keep You Around?

RIM has just released a video preview of its upcoming BlackBerry OS update, 6.0. It certainly looks like a modern OS is it enough to keep diehard BlackBerry users from jumping ship to something a little more shiny and new? The most notable change in 6 besides the UI has to be the inclusion of a WebKit browser. But, again, I ask whether …

Google Simplifies Android Development with ‘App Inventor’

Google is attempting to make Android app creation accessible to the masses with “App Inventor,” which is software that enables Android application development without the need to actually write code.

The basic premise is that App Inventor provides a visual programming interface with pre-built “blocks” that are dragged and dropped …

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