Shock Drop in iPad 2 Demand? Not So Fast, Say Analysts

Word is the iPad 2 may be selling less, shall we say vigorously, than Apple hoped, that Cupertino is cutting orders by an astonishing 25% to compensate and that, yep, we could be looking at our first iPad 2 price drop.

The folks claiming as much have a name for a change: J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. told investors that Apple has slashed …

Want a Windows 8 Tablet Today? Try eBay.

Want a Windows 8 tablet now? No really, an honest-to-goodness Windows 8 tablet, available today vis-a-vis the miracle of eBay, and here’s the kicker—you don’t even have to be a developer!

Well, maybe you do. I have no idea what Microsoft’s terms and conditions were when it gave a bunch of Windows 8 tablets away to developers at last …

The Best iPhone 5 Rumors We’ve Heard (So Far Today)

Another day, another fresh stack of iPhone 5 rumors. We’ve parsed through all the hearsay to bring you the crème de la crème in wild-eyed Apple speculation. Let’s take a look.

Spotted in the wild: the iPhone 4S?

Let’s see. The iPhone 4 16GB Black? Check. The iPhone 4 32GB White? Check. The iPhone 4s whit…—WHOA WHOA …

Microsoft: Windows 8 Tops 500,000 Downloads, but Tablets Won’t Run PC Apps

Half a million copies of Windows 8—and probably more than that by now—are officially in the wild, says Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Microsoft released a preview version of its upcoming tablet-angled Windows-rethink on Tuesday, and it looks like 500,000 copies leapt across the digi-sphere in less than 24 hours.

Windows 8 looks …

Windows 8 Nitpicks and Worries

I’ve been optimistic about Windows 8 ever since Microsoft revealed a glimpse of the operating system in June, and that hasn’t changed now that I’ve played around with the developer build on a prototype tablet.

But not everything’s peachy with Windows 8. With the caveat that the software I’ve seen is an early build that’s subject to …

Windows 8: What You Need to Know

On Tuesday, Microsoft showed off the first tablets running Windows 8, and provided a bunch of new details about the operating system. I’ve already ogled the hardware, so now let’s look at the big takeaways from the Windows 8 software, at least from what Microsoft has disclosed so far. Here’s what you need to know:

Metro is the New

In Pictures: The First Windows 8 Tablet

Microsoft is getting serious about tablets with Windows 8, and we’ve got hard proof. Pictured above, and in the slides that follow, is the first tablet running Windows 8, built by Samsung. It’s just a prototype, and may never hit store shelves in its current form (a version of this hardware will launch as a Windows 7 tablet), but it …

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