Kindle for Android Tablets, Available Now

For the new wave of touch screen operating systems, a Kindle app is a status symbol. iPad? There’s a Kindle app for that. Android phones? Ditto. Blackberry Playbook? Sorry, no. WebOS? Nuh uh.

Now, you can add Android 3.0 Honeycomb to the list of platforms deemed worthy by Amazon’s app makers. The latest update to Kindle for Android

Whatever Happened to Documentation?

My Technologizer column this week looks at RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook, a new tablet that’s frustrating in its initial incarnation: it’s full of promise, but feels like RIM simply didn’t have time to finish it before getting it out the door.

Despite the PlayBook’s software issues, the hardware is quite pleasing. With one …

Amazon May Build an Affordable Tablet with Apple-ish Personality

For those of you keeping score: We got the first iPad about a year ago, then nothing for a long time, then a brief and expensive blip on the radar called the Samsung Galaxy Tab, then nothing for a long time, then the Motorola Xoom, followed a couple weeks later by the iPad 2, and now all hell’s breaking loose. The BlackBerry Playbook is …

AT&T Cripples Blackberry Playbook With No Bridge

Research in Motion’s Blackberry Playbook tablet got dinged by critics for its reliance on a Blackberry phone for e-mail and calendar support, among other things, but with AT&T, it’s a moot point.

That’s because Blackberry Bridge, an app which connects Blackberry phones to the Playbook tablet, isn’t available to AT&T customers. …

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