Apple’s iPad 2: It’s Still the One

When Apple unveiled the iPad back in January of 2010, the company’s competitors rightly saw a huge opportunity. Now that Steve Jobs & Co. had created the first modern tablet computer, other manufacturers could build on the ideas it originated. They could offer features that it didn’t. They could deliver more bang for the …

Survey Shows iPad 2 Sold to 70 Percent New Buyers

Investment firm Piper Jaffray sent a team of analysts out into the streets, and not so shockingly, they found that the iPad 2 had virtually sold out in retail stores. But surprise, surprise, they discovered that a vast majority – over half, in fact – of new buyers never owned the original iPad.

To get the numbers straight, 70 …

On the Fence? Talk Yourself into an iPad 2 in Five Easy Steps

Today is iPad 2 launch day. Some of you will rush out and buy it, some of you would rather eat a pinecone, and the rest of you may fall somewhere in the middle. Perhaps you already have an iPad, perhaps you’re holding out for a better tablet, or perhaps you just need a little reassurance that the $500+ you’re about to lay out will be …

How to Sell a Tablet: Apps and Price First, Tech Specs Second

I try to keep a level head about Apple products. I own several, but I also own plenty of non-Apple stuff as well (I use a PC! Can you believe it?!).

This whole tablet movement has been fascinating to watch, though, and Apple’s been navigating the minefield impressively. It’s setting up some mines along the way, which helps, but …

Live Blog: Apple’s iPad 2 Event

Techland and our partner site Technologizer are teaming up to bring you live coverage of Apple’s iPad special event taking place in San Francisco’s Yerba Beuna Center, starting at 1 pm ET.

No need to refresh: Sit back and enjoy the show as Technologizer’s Harry McCracken & Ed Oswald and Techland’s Doug Aamoth bring you the …

HP TouchPad to BlackBerry PlayBook: Quit Copying Me!

Nothing like stirring the pot between two tablet makers, eh? That’s just what Laptop did by calling the attention of HP and BlackBerry to the similarities between both companies’ upcoming tablets.

According to Laptop:

“Both tablets render open programs as cards that you can easily swipe through for multitasking, and you can close

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