Netflix: Profits Up, DVD Shipments Down

For the first time in the Los Gatos-based company’s history, Netflix is reporting that their quarterly DVD shipments will be down from the same period the year prior. This is in spite of a massive quarterly jump in profits, in which the company is up 86%.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the record growth can be attributed to …

Pepsi FINALLY Invents the Social Vending Machine (FINALLY)

It doesn’t need to be reiterated but if you’re thinking of starting a business, make sure it has “social” in the name somewhere. Social is so very, very white hot right now. Even Pepsi’s getting in on the social action with its new “Social Vending System” machines.

They’re just ordinary vending machines, right? Right?!

Meet Steven (Rhymes with Lobs) Jobs, Circa 1983

Our pals at did some digging in the TIME magazine archives and came up with this tasty find: a profile from January 3, 1983, of a young tech whippersnapper named Steven Jobs. Let’s have a read, shall we?

Jobs (rhymes with lobs) did not make the revolution alone. He did not even make the machine that made the revolution, the

Meet the 20-Year Old CEO Redefining Mobile Advertising

The first thing you notice about Kiip CEO Brian Wong is how decidedly un-CEO he actually looks.

Case in point: I made two swervy surveillance laps around a not-at-all-crowded, lower-level concourse in 30 Rock before I spotted the 20 year old Digg alum alone at a table, scrunched over his iPhone. In nerdy black glasses and a halfway …

A New Record? Microsoft Claims 350 Million Windows 7 Licenses Sold

Call it a record, or just a whole lot better than Windows “rhymes-with missed-ya,” Microsoft says Windows 7 can lay claim to 350 million licenses sold since it launched on October 22, 2009.

And that’s about all they said, meaning no, we don’t have the breakdown in terms of full copies, upgrades, versions bundled with new PCs, …

Apple Beats Google in the Race to the Music Cloud

In technology’s newest arms race, it appears Apple may have beaten out Google in the dash to the cloud.

According to a new report from Reuters, Apple has finished working on a new iTunes-based music service that would allow users to transfer their music libraries onto remote servers. In addition to freeing up valuable hard drive …

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