DOJ Green Lights $700m Google ITA Purchase

Google can go right ahead and snap up travel software company ITA Software for $700 million, but only if it agrees not to kick the competition to the curb, says the Department of Justice in a statement.

Well, sort of. The DOJ’s antitrust division filed a civil antitrust lawsuit this morning to block the proposed acquisition, then …

Google Expands Offices to Beverly Hills

Google is about to have some new territory – off the web.

The company recently made a deal with the city of Beverly Hills to open an office for its entertainment division in a city-owned building that’s more than 13,000 square feet.

The 11-year lease, which was approved by Beverly Hills City Council on Tuesday, is valued at …

Facebook Unveils Cool New Servers, and Shares Them with the World

How does Facebook serve up its social network to more than half a billion people around the world–and do it with surprisingly few outages and glitches? It started out seven years ago by leasing servers in data centers as it needed them. Eighteen months ago, it built its own massive data center in Prineville, Oregon–and decided to

YouTube Drops $100 Million to Add Original Content

YouTube is this generation’s boob tube. With some upcoming changes planned, it may soon become downright indistinguishable. The site is planning to revamp itself, putting the spotlight on topic channels and original content on its homepage.

The Wall Street Journal says that a good portion of these channels will showcase several …

Bad News for Murdoch: The Daily on the Decline

Isn’t it supposed to be the new age of journalism where tech-savvy readers tout their tablets to catch up on the day’s latest headlines? Well, that’s what The Daily thought.

But new data reveals that News Corp’s iPad-only paper isn’t living up to its hype.

According to a Niemen Journalism Lab analysis based off of Twitter …

Dish Network Wins Blockbuster with $320 Million Bid at Auction

Remember Blockbuster? Poor Blockbuster. All it wanted to do was rent movies to people. Then Netflix came along with a more appealing offering: movies sent right to your house with no late fees.

By the time Blockbuster got its wits about it and started offering a similar service that worked both through the mail and at its retail …

Netflix Will Begin Streaming ‘Mad Men’ This Summer

We know Showtime recently pulled the plug on “Dexter,” but don’t cancel your Netflix account! There’s an even better reason to stick around. Say it with me: “Mad Men” will be available on the video-streaming service this summer.

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is about to hit the modern age, making their debut on computers, netbooks …

Nook Readers Get Free Access to, Too

The battle between the Kindle and Nook just took another competitive twist.

Refusing to be outdone by Amazon, Barnes & Noble has announced that readers who subscribe to the New York Times via the Nook will receive free, unlimited access to the paper’s site.

Of course, the announcement comes just one week after Kindle subscribers …

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