Former Apple Employee Pleads Guilty to Receiving Kickbacks

Ex-Apple employee Paul Devine pleaded guilty in a San Jose federal court to receiving kickbacks from Asian suppliers in order to ensure they would have a favorable contract with Apple. Devine, who worked as a global supply manager, was accused of passing confidential information, according to Reuters. Accepting the charge of wire fraud …

Steve Jobs’ Honorary Knighthood Blocked

Although Steve Jobs may not become Sir Steve any time soon, he’s still our tech-y knight in shining armor.

The Telegraph reports that plans to knight Steve Jobs for his contributions to business and technology in 2009 were scrapped by then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who held a grudge ever since Jobs declined an invitation to speak …

Facebook Flub: Advertiser Accidentally Charged $8.8 Million

When Facebook advertiser Joshua Niamehr logged in to his ad campaign’s account, he knew he had an outstanding balance. He didn’t think, however, that he’d racked up a bill of $8.8 million.

Niamehr’s account, however, showed this statement:

There is an outstanding balance of $8,804,978.14 USD on your account. Your ads will not be

Apple Shareholders Silence Demands for Jobs’ Replacement

With Apple CEO Steve Jobs out on indefinite medical leave, a group of shareholders—the Central Laborers’ Pension Fund in Illinois—proposed that Apple reveal its internal plans to replace Jobs in the event that he not return to run the company.

The belief was “that a sizable contingent of shareholders may have supported” such …

Everloop: The Facebook for Tweens?

Plenty of parents worry about their kids’ online activities and their presence on social networks. Last week, the first lady even weighed in on the topic, saying that her daughters, ages 9 and 12, shouldn’t be on Facebook. But what’s a parent to do with their Internet-savvy tween who wants to stay connected with friends?

A new startup …

When It Comes to Illegal Downloads, Movies Trump Music

Napster. KaZaA. LimeWire. All three of these existed in the glory days of illegal music pirating. But new research shows that the good ‘ol days of copping the latest Britney tracks from someone’s library are as good as over.

A P2P file-sharing study (PDF) conducted by Envisional shows that out of all the media we share (illegally) on … and OkCupid Now In A (Business) Relationship

Two former competitors have found a connection in the love game. Online dating site has bought OkCupid for $50 million cash, according to a statement released today. Lonely people can now rejoice knowing that there’s more lonely people on their network to make a connection with.

“We know that many people who start out on …

London Stock Exchange May Have Been Hacked Last Year

Computerworld is reporting that the London Stock Exchange may have been hacked in August of last year as it prepared to switch its systems from Microsoft’s .Net platform to a Linux-based platform. It’s once again preparing to attempt the same switchover this month.

According to the article:

“There were major problems on the exchange

Could Digital Publishing Save Longform Journalism?

With the death of many magazines and the ones that have managed to survive lessening their pages, it’s hard for journalists to find a place for their in-depth articles which often run upwards of 10,000 words. The pieces may be good, but when space is a valued commodity and the subject matter won’t move issues off shelves, editors are …

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