Netflix Tries to Go Social (Again)

After a failed attempt at social networking in September, Netflix announced yesterday in a quarterly earnings report that it will once again try going social.

The report stated that the company is working on an “extensive Facebook integration.” While Netflix won’t say exactly what that means, we’re guessing it will allow users to do …

Disney Restructures Their Digital Media Department

Insiders have said that a couple hundred employees within the Disney Interactive Studios group have been laid off. Although Disney has refrained from naming the exact number of cuts made, they did confirm that people did lose their jobs as part of an effort to restructure their digital media department. Small cuts were made at Junction

Google Co-Founder Larry Page Replacing Eric Schmidt As CEO

Google CEO Eric Schmidt will be handing the reigns over to company co-founder Larry Page. In a blog post titled “An update from the Chairman,” Schmidt detailed that he’ll be serving as executive chairman, Page will take over day-to-day operations, and Google’s other co-founder Sergey Brin will simply take on the well-suited title of …

LOLCats Has The Last Laugh, Gets $30 Million Investment

The layouts of the sites might not be the most technologically interactive, and their content is definitely not that thought provoking. But in the world of making pictures and posts viral, Pet Holdings Inc. has the art down. The parent and holding company for The Cheezburger Network – a conglomerate of sites including I Can Haz

Should Computer Led-Instruction Be The Teachers Of the Future?

Imagine walking into a classroom and seeing no one in the front of the classroom. Instead you’re lead to a computer terminal at a desk and told this will be your teacher for the course. The only adults around are a facilitator to make sure that you stay on task and to fix any tech problems that may arise. For some Florida students, …

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