Google Looking To Buy Groupon?

It seems that Google is trying to take another acquisition: Groupon. All Things Digital has sources saying Google is in talks to buy the social buying website. Yahoo has attempted to do the same in the past, and Google is offering more than the reported $2-3 billion the other company offered last year.

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Happy Holidays: Google to Offer Free In Flight Wi-Fi

If you’re flying home for the holidays you might be able to plug into the Internet for free courtesy of Google.

Google Chrome announced that they have partnered with Virgin America, Delta and Air Trans to offer Gogo Wi-Fi gratis on all domestic flights from November 20 to January 2, according to Forbes. The service will only be free …

Black Friday Ads: Tech Deals Worth Waking Up For

Hope you started saving your paychecks early, Black Friday is just around the corner.

The slow trickle of ad releases began today, with some major retailers even advertising pre-Black Friday deals as a countdown to the biggest shopping season of year. We’ve got our eyes peeled for the best tech savings for your …

In Memoriam: Sony Walkman

Today we celebrate the life of our dearly departed Sony Walkman, with the announcement that Sony will be ceasing production on the tape player version. (CD and Mini Disc versions will still be made.)

The Walkman was really the only way to carry portable music back in the day. Not only could you tape your music off the radio and …

Apple Patents Parental Controls for Sexting

With the wave of recent sexting scandals making headlines, parents have become concerned that their text-happy children might be getting into some adult behavior with repercussions they don’t understand. Apple thinks they might have the solution to this new age problem.

The US Patent and Trademark Office approved a patent that Apple …

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