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Online Gaming: Is It Hurting Your Marriage?

Role-playing games like World of Warcraft allow players to become buff, sword-yielding warriors online — which helps explain why dedicated gamers can while away hours in front of their computer screens. But a new study shows …

Nokia Outfits Man’s Prosthetic Arm with a Smartphone Dock

Britain’s Trevor Prideaux liked smartphones but found he had a problem—born without a left arm, touchscreens were hard to use one-handed. Luckily Nokia stepped in and worked with medical professionals at the Exeter Mobility Centre to design a specially fitted prosthetic arm with a dock that houses his Nokia C7 perfectly.

The …

Sickweather Offers Forecasts for the Good of Your Health

The current change of the seasons means many things: Shorter days, the return of pumpkin spice lattes to your coffee shop and, of course, worries that the tickle in your throat may, in fact, be a sign of some terrible disease that’s just about to envelop your very being and make death itself seem like a tempting alternative. But if, like …

Do We Really Care About Steve Jobs?

I was on my way to dinner last night when I read the news that Steve Jobs was resigning from his position as Apple’s CEO on Twitter. I don’t remember who said it first, exactly, but soon my stream was flooded with reports, rumors and retweets discussing his transition to Executive Chairman. Facebook? Essentially said the same thing.

A …

Gamer’s Death Linked to ‘Marathon Session on His Xbox’

Warning: Xbox can kill.

Well, that’s not entirely true. While in this particular case, an Xbox was connected to the death of 20-year-old British student Chris Staniforth, the real cause was closer to a lack of perspective.

A post-mortem exam on Staniforth revealed that he died because of a pulmonary embolism brought on by a …

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