Adobe vs Apple | Flash vs HTML5

Mashable’s Ben Parr recently sat down with Adobe’s Aaron Filner, you know, the product manager for Flash to discuss recent rumblings over Apple and Steve Jobs’ comments about Flash and where the Internet is headed. There’s isn’t a whole of news or anything we wouldn’t expect to hear from Adobe in the interview, but it’s …

Upper Management at Infinity Ward Gets Nuked? [Updated]

The other shoe’s dropped with regard to Activision’s plans for their Call of Duty franchise and big changes are a-comin’. A press release issued earlier today outlines the publisher’s roadmap for all things COD and it includes a mention of a new action/adventure game in 2011 by fledgling studio Sledgehammer Games. According to …

PSN Goes Down For Older PS3s

Sometime yesterday the PlayStation Network became inaccessible for owners of older model PS3s. Those with the updated slim model appear to be in the clear. So what went wrong? According to Sony, the problem’s root cause appears to be a bug in the clock.

If you haven’t fired up your PS3 in the last 24 hours, Sony suggests you keep …

The Daily Dose

Friday, Feb. 26, 2010

Today in Techland: Want to see the year 2010 as told by 1972? Yeah, us neither. But, Geoffrey Hoyle’s 2010: Living in the Future offered an amusing look at a future (our present) full of jumpsuits, “virtual phones” and food tubes. We couldn’t pass it up. Meanwhile on The Techland Show, the boys counted down the

Exhibit B: Jay Electronica’s Beaterator track

You may only know him from “Exhibit A,” his featured song on Fight Night Round 4, but Jay Electronica’s been burning up the internets for at least the last two years. The N’Awlins native has been winning hearts and ears with a flurry of mixtapes and tracks that showcase his clever flow and spiritually ambitious lyrics. It helps that …

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