Gran Turismo 5: Stick It In First Gear Already!

It’s a question that’s becoming one for the ages: when will Gran Turismo 5 finally go on sale?!

Japanese gamers have come the closest to a resolution—they were supposed to be getting behind the wheel this March—but earlier this week Sony Computer Entertainment announced an indefinite delay for the racing game. The setback …

The Politics of Avatar: America Bad

Whatever qualms you may have with James Cameron, you’ve got to admit: He know how to work an emotional payoff. From Sigourney Weaver stomping some alien ass in Aliens to a dramatic underwater resuscitation in The Abyss, he knows how to get under your skin. Even when the surface story is a little obvious. (Techland exlusive: James Cameron

Gmail Defaults To https

There’s surely some connection between Google flipping the switch on https access for everyone using Gmail as a default and the China debacle but they likely won’t admit it. Not that they need to but it became quite clear that Gmail accounts had been accessed via third parties yesterday when it was announced that Google might be …

Avatar — Now for the Atari 2600!

Well, this is insanely brilliant. Via Kotaku via GameSetWatch and 30 other blogs, probably: current movies as Atari 2600 game box art.

Full size version is here. It’s worth the click.

You can see it all now: a world that might have been, where Cameron’s first feature was Avatar instead of Terminator, and they blew all the money on …

Netflix Officially Coming To The Wii This Spring, Does Anyone Care? [Update]

It was inevitable, right? Rumors have been swirling for months and now it’s finally happened. Netflix is coming to the Wii this spring.

Like PS3 owners, Wii owners will have to use an instant-streaming disc and have a Netflix plan greater than $8.99/month. There won’t be any HD streaming because, you know, the Wii’s hardware is …

Google Uncovers Cyber Attack, Threatens To Exit China [Update]

It takes big cajones to stand up to China these days and Google just whipped em out after a thwarted cyber attack. According to Google, the attack was a “sophisticated and targeted attack” on the companies corporate infrastructure, which resulted in stolen IP. *gasp*

Turns out the attack was not only aimed at Google, though. Some ~20 …

A Virtual Storage Locker For Google Docs

Today via its Docs Blog, Google announced plans to offer additional file storage space through Google Docs.

Instead of storing files (media, pdfs, photos, etc) in your email account, Google Docs users will be able to upload these files directly into their Docs account. (Hello, computer backup!) Says Google:

“Instead of emailing …

The Boss Battle Ban: A Modest Proposal

Have you ever noticed something about boss battles? How practically every game has them, and they practically always suck?

Take Borderlands. I love Borderlands more than anybody. I want Borderlands to marry my daughter. This is a game with great, fluid unpredictable game play. I’ve probably put 50 hours into it so far. I’m going to …

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