Take Away The 3D And What Is “Avatar” Really Worth?

After raking in a billion dollars and selling out a few thousand 3D screenings, the film force that is Avatar has seeped into TV execs’ fantasies.

Variety is reporting that FX just bought the basic cable rights to James Cameron’s blockbusting flick Avatar for a tidy $25 million sum.

But, take away the large screens, the surround …

Marvel Fights For Spidey, Mutants

Marvel is suing to keep the rights to superheroes including Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and X-Men.

The federal lawsuit filed Friday in Manhattan asks a judge to invalidate notices sent by the heirs of artist Jack Kirby to try to terminate Marvel’s copyrights.

The heirs sent notified several companies last year that the rights to …

Obama vs. LOST: Will The State Of The Union Trump Show’s Premiere?

LOST fans are gearing up for the beginning of the end. The White House is prepping for, yeah okay, something pretty important, too.

One of the possible dates for the upcoming State of the Union is Feb. 2 – the same date as the premiere of the final season of the ABC favorite.

Twitter and Facebook have been cloaked with …

A Shot in the Dark: Caption This ‘Mass Effect 2’ Screenshot

You guys have been great at submitting your captions. This week’s screenshot of the week is from a new batch of Mass Effect 2 images.

Here we see the game’s protagonist, Commander Shepard, in a gunfight. (Click here for a bigger version.)

Describe what’s happening below in the comments section. Maybe I’ll send you a cookie.


Project Natal Slated For Holiday 2010 Launch

Robbie Bach has just announced that Project Natal will be available this coming holiday season. An exact date has not been disclosed, though. No word on pricing or configurations. However, MS wants to reiterate the fact that Natal will work with any Xbox 360.

To date, Microsoft has sold more than 39 million Xbox 360 consoles and over …

Lady Gaga, Queen Of The Polaroids?

Or as one staffer put it: “Irrelevant Company Hires Relevant Singer.”

Okay, you got us, Polaroid. You went and did something outrageous so that everyone would write about you. Congratulations. Here’s your obligatory-outrageous-move post:

Today amidst the tech frenzy that is CES, Polaroid announced that Lady Gaga will act as a …

The 10 Greatest Games for the Apple II

All the old people in the house say yeah!

The Apple II is the most underrated gaming platform of the 1980’s. People — me included — talk a lot about the greatness of the Atari 2600, but I owe just as much of my gaming DNA to our Apple IIe, with its 64KB RAM — that comes standard, folks — and its revolutionary four-way cursor …

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