App Club: Earth Vs. Moon

Christmastime is here. It may not surprise you to know that your correspondent isn’t a great lover of the holiday season. As I write this I’m listening to MC Kreacher’s “My Wish List.” It soothes my black grinchy heart.

Casual gaming has gotten me through many a grim holiday season. Snood in particular — well do I remember hours …

Holy Krow They Kracked the Kindle

This via Slashdot: “hackers” have broken the DRM on the Kindle’s proprietary e-book format.

Interesting. Yay, says the anti-DRM, pro-freedom-of-information part of me. Boo, says the book-writing part of me, who fears widespread piracy will further cripple an already challenged publishing industry.

Crawl back into your anti-deluvian …

Apple TV Subscriptions On the Horizon?

After years of neglect it appears we now know what Apple is doing with the Apple TV: subscription TV services. According to the WSJ, Apple is in negotiations with CBS and Disney to stream their respective content over the Internet to the Apple TV. Yes, it appears as though Apple is gunning for cable and satellite TV providers. Tech …

Yelp Walks Out On Google, $550 Million

It was reported last week that Google was poised to snatch up user generated review site Yelp for $550 million. It would have been a lovely acquisition and mashup with Google Maps, but something happened over the weekend to derail talks indefinitely.

TechCrunch is citing multiple sources saying Jeremy Stoppleman simply walked away …

App Club: Star Defense: Nothing to Sphere but Sphere Itself

OK, listen, Star Defense. Stop crying. I know I said some things on Tuesday. About your gameplay. And it’s not that I didn’t mean them. But that doesn’t mean that’s all I feel about you. I want you to know — jeez, would ya stop crying for a minute and listen?

I’ve played a lot of Star Defense in the last four days. Which is not …

Box Art Reviews: Annoying Artists, Mixed Myths, More

With Christmas upon us, all the year’s biggest releases have come out.

That leaves us with budget PC titles this week, but that doesn’t excuse them from having crappy covers.

See which games’ box art gets through our scrutiny and which ones don’t in this week’s unintentionally all-PC edition of box art reviews.

Treasures of the

The Most Controversial Video Games of the Decade

Violence, sex, race, religion.

Certainly controversial topics on their own, but perhaps even moreso when they’re depicted in a video game.

Techland’s seemingly never-ending list features (we totally admit it) continue as we look at the most controversial games of the 2000s.

Though video games have been around for quite a while, …

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