A Shot in the Dark: Video Game Screenshots of the Week

Video game screenshots are a dime a dozen, and they’re used as carefully parsed-out marketing tools for video game PR.

Instead of posting every screenshot we get, we decided to look at a few of the ones released every week and, in the spirit of box art reviews, make fun of them give our commentary or try to guess what’s happening …

Want an Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle?

Hello Techland Readers-

Hope this finds you well. In the spirit of holiday fun and other shenanigans, we’ve teamed up with the Xbox team to bring you two chances to win an Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle that includes – you guessed it – an Elite Xbox 360, one wireless controller, headset and copies of Lego Batman and Pure.

We have …

The World’s First $99 Laptop

A laptop for less than $100? No, Best Buy isn’t going out of business.

Cherrypal, the self-touted eco-friendly computer company – is powered by wind energy – just unveiled it’s newest and cheapest computer yet – the 7-in. Cherrypal Africa. Make no mistake, as far as computers go, this is no modern marvel. On …

Clip it: Paramount Cashes In

If you’re the type of person who thinks clips from Mission: Impossible might help you sell your new line of organic doggie pajamas, well, isn’t this just your lucky day.

Paramount Pictures is now peddling movie clips to businesses through a new site,, which allows users to search through the Paramount Vault and …

App Club: StarDefense. This Time, It’s Round.

StarDefense is a twist on the classic desktop tower defense game: it restages the combat in three dimensions instead of two. In StarDefense you’re not defending a plane, you’re fighting on the surface of a sphere — a tiny little-prince-style planetoid.

Tower defense isn’t a genre that really needed much twisting. Put an IV in my arm, …

Faceoff: vs.

Looks like Google has updated its hit list.

The Internet king announced it will attempt to conquer URL shorteners and dethrone current crowned-prince-of-the-short,

Via its blog on Monday, Google announced the launch of updated versions of the Google Toolbar and Feedburner, as well as the introduction of the Google URL

Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 Characters Meet in New DLC

Today Valve announced the first downloadable content for Left 4 Dead 2.

And if you thought just four characters were loquacious for a game about killing zombies, now we’re getting eight characters all at once. The add-on, called “The Passing,” takes place after Left 4 Dead 2‘s Dead Center campaign, which will have players encounter …

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