Facebook’s Privacy Changes Expose Founder Zuckerberg

The early poster child for the controversial new changes to Facebook’s privacy policy? Facebook’s founder and CEO himself.

Facebook released a set of Dec. 9 changes to Facebook’s privacy policy that includes a new set of Facebook user information in public search results, everything from the complete list of a user’s friends, to …

Box Art Reviews: Missing Trees, Battles and Punctuation

I dread the day when all video games will only be available via digital distribution, and there will no longer be box art. But until then, I will continue to judge video games by their covers.

Without further ado, here are this week’s box art reviews

Safe Cracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Challenge! (DS)
What’s on the Box: The front …

App Club: geoSpark. How’d We Do?

I don’t want to talk about geoSpark yet. I want to talk about Doodle Jump for a second. Hear me out.

Doodle Jump is an awesome little app. You play a little Qbert-like jumping beastie. He jumps. He jumps up a series of platforms. Sometimes the platforms move. Sometimes they have springy things on them that sproing him upward, or a …

Ratings Scam Triggers Apple To Scrub ~1% of App Store

Following a brief investigation triggered by the iPhone photography blog iPhoneography, Apple has banished Chinese developer Molinker and its estimated 1000 iPhone apps. The majority of Molinker’s applications were pitiful copycats of existing popular apps, but that’s not what triggered the amateur sleuthing from an Internet friend …

The Top 10 Games of 2009

Peter and I chose our top 10 games of the year. For Time. Then we chose them for Techland. Amazingly they turned out to be the exact same list both times. Here it is.

Or anyway here’s the first 40% of it. The whole list is over at, for some reason. I don’t want to talk about it.

One good thing about this year’s list: it …

Sex and ‘The Saboteur’: Dev Talks Nudity in New Game

Will sex sell a video game?

Electronic Arts sure hopes so. There was a bit of controversy last week when it was discovered that those who purchase The Saboteur, a third-person, open-world title set in World War II, will receive a code that allows for the girls of the game’s Belle de Nuit, a Parisian strip club, to be completely …

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