EA Confirms Dead Space 2, Its Dismemberment Plan

Alien dismemberment rules. So that’s why we’re glad that Electronic Arts has finally officially announced Dead Space 2.

The sequel to last year’s critically-acclaimed, third-person survival horror game will feature the same protagonist, Isaac Clarke, as he wields “new tools to gruesomely slice and dismember” the creepy, Thing-like …

Yelp Comes to Android

There’s really nothing special about the Yelp for Android app. Sure, it determines your location and tells you what’s around, but it doesn’t really leverage the location-aware technology like it should. Look at the iPhone 3GS and its augmented reality capabilities. It’s not like Android devices can’t support the feature. Layars …

Box Art Reviews: The Death Of Fun Edition

Video games are supposed to be fun, right? But in this week’s round of box art reviews, where we look at the covers of new game releases, we wonder if the box art designers forgot that fact…

Learn Science (DS)
What’s on the box: Some test tubes filled with colored liquid, a telescope, a dinosaur skeleton, Einstein’s relativity …

Kodak Sells OLED Business to LG

Times are tough and $1000 digital photo frames just aren’t flying off the shelves fast enough for Kodak. In not so random twist of fate, Kodak announced that they would be selling off their OLED business to LG.

“As we said earlier this year, OLED is one of the businesses we wanted to reposition to maximize Kodak’s competitive

The PlayStation Turns 15, We Reminisce

Happy Birthday, PlayStation!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 15 years since you were born in Japan. You brought us so many good times during your prime. Let us count the games… er, ways:

— You scared the crap out of us with the first Resident Evil.
— You gave us what is perhaps the most beloved RPG of all time in Final

New WiiWare Game’s Got More Abs Than Frank Miller’s 300

Move over Mario. Your flabby gut’s got nothin’ on Muscle March.

Today Namco Bandai announced that its Nintendo WiiWare title, a ‘quirky Japanese action game stuffed full of macho bodybuilders,’ will be released in the U.S. this Winter (it was released in Japan back in May).

Up to four players can take the role of Tony and his …

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