Why Are Game Trailers Always So Much Better than the Actual Games?

It’s like how the package art on action figures was always so epic, and then you open it and you have this little injection-molded plastic turd with like one articulated joint. I would happily pay $12 to see movies based on these trailers. But will the games live up to them? How could they possibly?

Apple Store Is Down, Rumors Abound

I hate to pull the trigger early, but the Apple Store is down and we all know how much Apple loves Tuesdays. Normally, I wouldn’t be concerned or think anything of it, but it all started last night when Dan Lyons took a jab at John Gruber.

Can’t tell you what, obviously. But there’s something brewing. Gruber doesn’t know about it, but

GTA IV: Inherent Vice City

Writing about the Grand Theft Auto video games for the Time 100 issue, I unpersuasively argued the following semi-flippant point: the Houser brothers who write and create these games are the spiritual successors to Balzac and Twain and Wolfe. They are societal super-reporters, stuffing the gaming experience with detailed observations …

First Impressions of Google Wave

This is very brief, because I’m rapidly closing a piece about my first impressions of Wave for the magazine, which is a whole different process. So I’m not going to do a list of features. You probably know them anyway. For a more thorough introduction, try Lifehacker’s walkthrough.

My main impression is this: it’s much, much less like …

Still Waiting for a Google Wave Invitation

I feel like one of the millions of starving children who unlike Charlie Bucket didn’t get a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory and subsequently died in poverty and obscurity. For I have not gotten an invitation to Google Wave:

Sorry, But This Swarm Game Is a Serious Problem

Perversely, I am attempting to solve Geo-Defense Swarm in a “clean” way — i.e. w/out resorting to drugs (other than the usual cocktail of caffeine and alcohol), genetic modification or consulting online strategy guides. Honor demands it. For some reason.

But I am getting manhandled by this thing. Still haven’t beaten level one on …

GeoDefense: TNG

I know Lev is a Wurdle man, and I respect that about him. I do.  But it must be asked: Has there ever been a better game than GeoDefense Swarm? No, there has not. As someone observed somewhere, “it is the thinking man’s tower defense game.”

The Nerd World Halo: ODST Review

Everybody knows that when I fill out census forms, under ethnicity I put ‘Halo fanboy.’ So yeah, I liked Halo: ODST. (For the spelling I would also accept OSDT, OTSD, and the M-for-mature title OSTD. Cue laugh track. Followed by Wilhelm scream.)

But why, Lev? Why did you like it? Draw close, my children.

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