Things I’m Trying Not to Do: Wurdle

Actually the main thing I’m trying not to do is play Halo: ODST. But I think there’s still an embargo on ODST reviews. So that’s out. So the other thing I’m trying not to do is play Wurdle.

The Return of the King: Steve Jobs in San Francisco

The man who’s famous for coming back from the dead has just come back from the dead. And no, he didn’t bring back a tablet with him.

Of course it was more fun to talk about the resurrection of Steve Jobs when you were talking metaphorically, about his coming back in triumph after the firing from Apple and the cratering of NeXT. …

I’m Back and I Want to Talk About Enigmo

Hey Lev Grossman, you’re a big rock star. You spend weeks on the road, cruising from juke joints to road houses to small independent bookstores, reading your work to literally dozens of listless, distracted fans. The pressure must be intense, man. How do you keep your head together?

I’ll tell you: Enigmo.

Enigmo is an iPhone game …

Why I’m Not Posting This Week

I’m on vacation. Sort of — I’m touring to promote my book. I thought I might be able to keep up posting while I was on the road, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. Sorry about that. I’ll be back on Monday.

p.s. just saw that there were questions in the comment thread for The Post About the Book. Answering now.

Worldcon: The Intellectual Property Panel. No, Wait, Seriously!

I’m just going to blog when and where I can while I’m in Montreal. Hit targets of opportunity and hit’em hard. Like back when I was in the space rangers.

I just got out of a really interesting panel on intellectual property, featuring Cory Doctorow and Patrick Nielsen Hayden, among others. First they explained how copyright law is so …

The Best of San Diego Comic-Con, and Goodbye to All That

Best thing I saw: it’s a three-way tie between Ponyo, Tron: Legacy, and Kick-Ass.

Surrealest moment: having a dude dressed in some kind of mechwarrior armor blow past me while I was in line for Iron Man 2, and realizing that the dude was Jimmy Fallon

San Diego Comic-Con: Meeting Miyazaki

Yesterday afternoon I went up to a door on the second floor of the San Diego Convention Center. I twisted in the wind with a skeptical security guard for 20 minutes before a Disney publicist came to rescue me. She escorted me out to a white table on a sunny terrace outside. I zealously forbade the other journalists who were milling …

San Diego Comic-Con: Join Us, It’s Bliss

Spent two hours in the Warner brothers indoctrination chamber this morning: Where the Wild Things Are, The Book of Eli, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Box, Jonah Hex, and (the reason I came, as they intuited, since they put it last) Sherlock Holmes.

Comic-Con doesn’t make it easy for you to like things. There’s so many fans here, …

Comic-Con Is Dead, Long Live Comic-Con

Tonight I went over the top in the first wave at Comic-Con: doors opened 6:00 on the dot.

First impression is of rampant confusion. The show floor is a ravening fleshpit. Who the eff are all these people elbowing me out of the way so they can take a picture of a 6 ft Buzz Lightyear made out of Lego? I don’t identify with them. It’s …

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